British Doctor Could Lose His Job For Asking Muslim Patient To Remove Face Veil

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A doctor who asked a Muslim patient to remove her face veil so that he could hear her better, is facing an internal review and potential termination for alleged racial discrimination.

The GP said he is now planning to quit medicine over the major injustice of the investigation by the doctors watchdog

A petition has been created in support of the British physician.

RT reports: Dr. Keith Wolverson, who has been practicing medicine for 23 years, may lose his job at Stoke University Hospital after he asked a woman, who had brought her sick daughter to the hospital, to remove her face veil so he could better hear what she was saying. Wolverson told the Daily Mail that the woman “willingly” complied with his request, but that her husband later found out and filed a complaint.

“I’m not racist, this has nothing to do with race, religion or skin colour,” he told the paper, adding: “I’ve treated women in the past who have worn similar veils but on those occasions I’ve never had to ask them to remove it – they just did.”

The formal complaint against Wolverson alleges that the woman did not want to remove the veil on religious grounds, but the doctor would not continue the consultation if she refused.

Wolverson reportedly hasn’t been allowed to work since the complaint was made, and could face termination over the incident.

The case has enraged the Twitterati, many of whom said that Wolverson was a victim of political correctness gone mad.


  1. The problem here is not the mooslums, as we know they are mental and need to be banned from western civilisation. No the problem is the loony left wing cultural marxists that dragged this poor basta## over the coals in the first place. Until these subversive scum bags are rooted out of the govt, police, education & media, then nothing will change.

  2. P.C. a word first coined by Stalin. And you know what kind of leader he was.
    PC culture is espoused by and adhered to strictly by cultural marxists, and followed blindly by sheep.

  3. You Brits brought the problem on yourselves. Hitler could have only wished for so much cooperation!

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