Trump Says Biden Will Try To Take The Word Christmas ‘Out of the Vocabulary’

Fact checked

President Trump has suggested that Joe Biden’s new administration will attempt to prevent people using the word “Christmas.”

As the president wished his supporters a merry Christmas during a rally in Valdosta, Georgia, he said that Biden’s administration would try to take the word “Christmas” out of the vocabulary, according to Business Insider.

“Let me begin by wishing you all a merry Christmas — remember the word,” Trump said.

He continued: “Remember we started five years ago and I said, ‘You’re going to be saying Christmas again.’ We say it proudly again. Although they’ll be trying to take that word again out of the vocabulary. We’re not going to let them do that”

Newsmax reports: Fighting against the “war on Christmas” was one of Trump’s key themes during his first presidential run in 2016 and during his presidency.

In a speech four years ago, he accused Democrats and President Barack Obama of “selling Christianity down the tubes” and promised to make department stores use the words “merry Christmas” in their marketing material, according to Business Insider.

Trump later claimed victory in the battle against those he accused of “trying to take Christmas out of Christmas” in a 2017 speech.

“You’d go around, you’d see department stores that have everything red, snow, beautiful, ribbons, bows. Everything was there but they wouldn’t say ‘Merry Christmas.’ They’re all saying Merry Christmas again, you remember? I went through that during the campaign: ‘They’re going to say Merry Christmas again.’ And they are,” Trump


  1. Hes limited by peoples ignorance and brainwashing in what he can really say And by big media s interventions and their evil agenda The fact is after California legalised the birth of the Church of Satan ,and the UN then made ” freedom of religion ” global to facilitate its rapid growth ,they banned the public display of the nativity scene from everywhere EVERYWHERE except in churchs .Just to demonstrate which Moral Authority is running the show really Truthfilly ..

  2. Read “Politically Correct Holiday Stories” by James Finn Garner. It’s hilarious! “Dedicated to the good persuns of Moorehead State University, where mistletoe has been officially banned as a holiday decoration, because, according to school president Roland Dille, it ‘tends to sanctify uninvited endearment.’ ” The book also contains those immortal classics, “Frosty, the Persun of Snow,” “Rudolph the Nasally-empowered Reindeer,” and ” ’twas the Night Before Solstice.”

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