‘The View’ Host Says Black Republicans Do Not Exist

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The View host says black republicans do not exist

“The View” host Sunny Hostin told black Republican guest Lindsey Granger she is an “oxymoron” for holding conservative views while being African American.

Hostin also angrily told her co-host Ana Navarro she doesn’t “understand Latino Republicans” either.


Infowars.com reports: The racist attitude is common among many liberals who think minorities with conservative values or minorities who vote Republican are going against their best interests.

After being labeled a “Trump supporter” by Navarro, Granger clarified the 45th president did some things she didn’t agree with, but admitted she has conservative values and is a Republican.

Cutting Granger off, Hostin said, “I feel like that’s a oxymoron, a black Republican.”

“Why? Your friend right here is a Republican,” Granger asked, pointing toward Navarro.

Hostin doubled down, saying, “I don’t understand either of you. I don’t understand black Republicans and I don’t understand Latino Republicans.”

Diffusing the awkward spat, Navarro told the audience that they should focus on the promotion of the new White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre.

Black conservative activist CJ Pearson chimed in on Twitter, noting, “Maybe black people don’t want to be a member of the party that founded the KKK.”

He continued to expose the Democrat Party’s deeply racist past from fighting to keep segregation to making African Americans sit at the back of the bus.

Pearson pointed out that old white liberals like Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer are the people running the party.


Blatant racism passes on the left as long as it’s directed toward individuals who don’t share the opinions of the woke mob.