Caitlyn Jenner Slams ‘Woke’ Democrats: Biological Boys Should Not Compete in Girls Sports

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Caitlyn Jenner says biological males should be banned from taking part in female sports

California gubernatorial candidate Caitlyn Jenner, who is herself transgender, has declared that biological males must be banned from competing in girls’ sports in the USA.

In an interview with TMZ on Saturday, Jenner said that allowing trans girls who were born as boys to compete in all-females sports is “unfair.” reports: The issue of trans youths in sports has been a hotly debated topic in the US recently. More than 20 states have introduced conservative-led legislation to ban or limit athletes from competing on teams in line with their gender identity. While already signed into law in Mississippi, South Dakota and Alabama, similar legislation faced a pushback and vetoes in other states like North and South Dakota, Kansas and Pennsylvania.

Once one of the US’ most famous athletes who won a gold medal in the decathlon at the 1976 Olympics, Jenner branched into a lucrative sponsorship and TV career afterwards. However, she is best known nowadays for coming out as transgender in 2015, and for a reality TV show – ‘I am Cait’ – documenting her sex-change surgery.

Last week, Jenner announced her decision to run for governor of California, as a Republican – describing herself as “the only outsider” capable of breaking the Democratic Party’s decades-long “one party rule” over the Golden State.


  1. Biological boys ,like Caitlyn shouldnt be legally ,by Rule of Pipes Law call themselves girls and especially ” girls ” who have fully functioning male sex organs which they want to keep.

  2. I will never understand why this is even an issue. I know I am too old to get it but when Boys are playing against Girls, it is always the boys who will win, they are stronger, they are taught to be stronger, they practise more and they have better muscles to support themselves. JMO
    If a person is born a Boy they will forever be a BOY, get over thinking they can be a Girl, it won’t happen. Same for Girls wanting to be boys.
    A person who is born one gender will never be the other gender, no matter how many surgeries you have or even if the state you live in allows you to change it legally, YOU ARE ALWAYS going to be what you were born as!!! JMO

  3. Nkgoo, geniş kapsamlı bilgi platformudur. Her konuda bilgi içeriği üretme amacıyla yayın hayatına başlamış referans kaynak sitedir. Ayrıca telif hakları konularına da özen gösterilmektedir.

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