San Franciscans, Knee-Deep In Feces and Needles, Vow To Ban Disposable Cups

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San Francisco, the same city swimming in human feces, urine and needles, is moving towards banning disposable paper cups in order to save the world from the environmental apocalypse.

San Francisco, the same city swimming in human feces, urine and needles, is moving towards banning disposable paper cups in order to save the world from the environmental apocalypse.

Fox Business reports, “A growing number of coffee houses in San Francisco are banishing paper to-go cups and replacing them with everything from glass jars to rental mugs and BYO cup policies. What started as a small trend among neighborhood cafes to reduce waste is gaining support from some big names in the city’s food and coffee world.

Some examples: the restaurant Atelier Crenn will eschew using to-go bags or disposable coffee cups next year; the Blue Bottle coffeehouse chain, which uses 15,000 to-go cups a month at its 70 U.S. locations, has stated it will “show our guests and the world that we can eliminate disposable cups,” and Starbucks has plans to test recyclable cups next year in San Francisco, Seattle, New York, Vancouver and London.

DailyWire report: In July 2018 the San Francisco Board of Supervisors revealed they were considering banning plastic straws. 

Newsmax reported, “The legislation prohibits eateries from using plastic anti-splashers, stirrers and other plastic items that environmentalists say are too small to be recycled properly. Retailers would no longer be able to sell the items starting July 2019. In addition, food and drink vendors would be allowed to dispense cutlery, napkins, condiments and lids only on request or through self-serve stations.

Peter Gallotta, spokesman for the city’s Department of Environment, stated, “It’s a movement not just happening in San Francisco but nationally and internationally. The larger elephant in the room is the single-use disposable culture we find ourselves in, and straws are the epitome of this unnecessary daily waste.

Kerry Jackson, a research fellow at the Pacific Research Institute’s Center for California Reform, noted, “One percent of the plastic found in the ocean comes from California, meaning California can do whatever it wants to do, but it’s not going to change anything. Plastic straws are not dangerous to anybody, and they can be disposed of properly, which most people do,” as The Heartland Institute reported.

The ban went into effect July 1, 2019.

In August 2019, a ban on selling many single-use plastic water bottles at San Francisco International Airport went into effect. The ban was implemented based on a 2014 ordinance that banned selling disposable plastic bottles on city-owned property; the airport is owned by the city.

As NBC News reported, 58 million passengers go through SF International each year; 10,000 single use bottles are sold there every day, amounting to four million every year.

Travelers lugged empty canisters through security. They refilled them at the airport’s more than 100 ‘hydration stations,’ the water dispensers mounted outside most bathrooms. The fountains had no lines early Tuesday morning,” the San Francisco Chronicle reported.

SFO spokesman Doug Yakel boasted to the Chronicle, “We’re the first airport that we’re aware of to implement this change, we’re on the leading edge for the industry, and we want to push the boundaries of sustainability initiatives.”

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Baxter Dmitry

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  1. Ban cups?! Where are all your new homeless residents going to crap, pee and vomit?

    I wouldn’t send a rabid raccoon to San Franshitsco.

  2. They are the leading edge, of stupidity, been there before, NEVER again, never, never, never. ( for you two and a half men fans )

  3. San Fran seeking to return to the days of rat infestation, diseases born of unsanitary conditions much like the Middle Ages where millions died yet they seek to make paper cups and such products illegal to purchase and use, Oh My MY the stupidity of the Democrats who control the state/counties along with all who voted for them. The next big earthquake democrats will blame the Republicans and President Trump all the while asking for help, cannot fix stupid but one can vote them out of office.

    • San Francisco already has a bad rat infestation issue, and I fear it will only get worse. The following is an excerpt from a California Globe article: “San Francisco has a no-kill, catch-and-release rat policy: “Humane Wildlife Control addresses the problem by sealing holes in buildings that can create entry points for rodents, and then they set up live catch traps to capture rats,” SF Gate reported in 2017. “Once rats are caught, they’re released right in the backyard.”
      Funny… it appears that rats in SF have just as many rights as illegal aliens.

    • Look up the history of San Fransisco 1900 and the Vigilante problem they had. I actually have seen a real “Death Warrant” picture framed that was from that period. That was a very ugly era in San Fransisco’s history they don’t like to talk about. And to think, History is repeating itself right before our eyes.

  4. Can’t wait until they ban milk by the gallon, which is single use, if you have a lot of growing children. Or how about “Tide” or “Dawn”? The place is going to be rocking then./sarc

      • So, no ‘Strong bones” anymore? They really are just trying to kill people. Guess that solves the housing shortage. Takes more water to make “Almond” or “Soy” milk, for the climate people.

  5. I’m saving the Earth by collecting for recycling the rubber debris created from corrections made by erasing pencil markings. I have amassed a rounded tablespoon so far. It’s a niche idea, but surely bound to catch on in the liberal Save The Planet arena.

    • Good. It’s never worth the money (especially in the moment). An even better point is the Mason-Dixon line. Most people with any soul and sanity wouldn’t take a BEE-YIN to live “up North”.

  6. What a bunch of idiots there are in California. They live in a city that is a septic tank yet a dang paper cup is what they worry about. Paper is biodegradable and it will go back into the environment on its own.

  7. This is why the REST of America wants to STOP the deluge of Federal aide to Frisco, specifically, and California in general. They have NO INTEREST in solving their problems because admitting to them is an admission that their Social Justice paradigm is an utter failure. The Leftists don’t understand that refusing to acknowledge the facts isn’t fooling anyone! It just makes them look like lunatics. SJWs: YOUR MODEL HAS FAILED! OWN IT AND MOVE ON.

  8. Aren’t plastic cups the portable toilets for the homeless? What will they do next? Defecate directly on the sidewalk???

  9. Can’t we just build a wall around California and let Mexico annex them? It would solve a lot of problems like Pelosi, Schiff, Waters…

  10. San Fransisco, a city for fools and idiots. A say we wall off San Fransisco like “Escape from New York,” and dump everyone who wants to ‘live rough’ there. Problem solved. San Fransisco can wallow in misery and filth to their heart’s content.

  11. People c r a p in the middle of a grocery store aisle or street and plastic cups are your priority? Really?

    It blows my mind that the s h i t t y city continues to vote in this incompetence.

  12. When your city is knee deep in human excrement and used drug needles remember to ban disposable cups and straws so you don’t get sick. Only in liberal la la land.

  13. Lordy, what would they do to someone who took a crap in a disposable cup? Oh , NOW I see their PLAN! They can get all those homeless people one of those reusable/returnable cups so they can crap in them and return to a restaurant NEAR YOU!!! This is what I call CALIFORNIA BRILLIANCE!!

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