Obama Officials Face Jail As House Intel Memo Details FISA Abuse

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Mueller investigation exposed as unlawful as senior Obama officials become embroiled in a ‘worse than watergate’ FISA abuse scandal

Senior Obama administration officials face arrest after a classified memo shown to Congress reveals “jaw-dropping” acts of fraud committed against the Trump campaign. 

Senior Obama administration officials face arrest after a classified memo shown to Congress reveals “jaw-dropping” acts of fraud committed against the Trump campaign. 

On Thursday 18th January, incredible events saw classified information on the FISA court hearings released to the public after united congressional pressure. Your News Wire reported on the breaking story.

And soon after we reported on the rapidly escalating story, the full transcript of Fusion GPS founder Glenn Simpson’s appearance at the House Intelligence Committee hearings were made public, HERE and HERE.

NOW the patriot activists of the internet demand #releasethememo. This memo, the House Intelligence Committee summary of its findings re: the FBI and Department of Justice, was identified by Senators Chuck Grassley and Lindsey Graham, and they have recommended it to be referred for CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION. Congressman Matt Gaetz also anticipates criminal implications:

Indeed, prominent congressmen are actively adding their voice to demands the memo be released.

A lot of information, emerging very quickly. What do we know?

We know that the information already out is devastating to the entire basis of the “Russia Russia” conspiracy theory and the appalling abusive Fake News Americans and the world have had to endure from the corporate Mainstream Media these last 16 months.

The most powerful tools of Intelligence gathering have been turned against Donald J Trump, the political opponent of President Obama and his chosen heir Hillary Clinton based on PURE FICTION. And this did not end with the loss of the 2016 election, but escalated to target newly elected President Trump.

This was all based on the Fusion GPS Dossier funded by Hillary Clinton and her loyalists inside the FBI, using a disposable intermediary, Christopher Steele, allegedly EX British Intelligence. But then speaking as a Brit, I credit our Intelligence Service with the competence to keep a clean pair of hands doing THIS kind of dirty work.

Not more than a week ago the “Fire and Fury” Wolff book put Former British Prime Minister and international greaser Tony Blair right in the frame, admitting to Trump that Obama had illegally bugged him through British GCHQ, as we previously reported.

Then we have the internal emails between Peter Sztrok and Lisa Page. Operating at the top level of the FBI and DOJ respectively, and in cahoots with Andrew McCabe (resignation announced) they have been exposed for talking of Trump as “an idiot” “a loathsome human” and “F**k Trump!” Strzok boasts of his ability to act against a Trump presidency and talks of “an insurance policy”. This policy was of course the dodgy Fusion GPS dossier.

Carter Page, a business advisor in the energy sector connected loosely to the Trump campaign, was targeted as a weak link that could be exploited. But when the plotters went to the FISA court their speculative request was rejected. So, they came back in August 2016, this time waving the dodgy Fusion GPS dossier.

Without that fraudulent document, there would have been no authorisation for FISA wiretaps and the entire chain of events built from that moment collapses.

Most importantly there would be NO Robert Mueller, special prosecutor, and there is NO legal basis for any of Mueller’s actions, which stand exposed as a partisan political witch hunt and a conspiracy against the Office of the President of the United States and its incumbent POTUS 45, Donald Trump.

And what has Mueller to show for his farce of an investigation? A hearsay case against Papadopoulis based on claims by an Australian diplomat of what was said in a bar. There is NOTHING there that could stand up in a court of law, instead Papadopoulis has been entrapped in the usual FBI method of asking the same questions repeatedly and counting a variation in answer as “lying”. Some people don’t know the benefit of keeping their own mouths shut.

And the case against Paul Manafort, nothing to do with Trump, focused on Ukraine in 2008, and as of 16 days ago, Manafort is in fact SUING Mueller – a case know is certain to succeed.

The questions we must now ask are: Who knew what? And when did they know it?

What did Clinton know? What did Obama know? What did the Clinton campaign know? What did the DNC know?

Clinton stole the nomination by rigging the DNC primary as confessed by Donna Brazile.

Personally, I say: do not be too sorry for Bernie. He wasn’t sorry. Bernie rolled over quite meek and mild. He showed every sign of being a sheep dog, there to “energise” the base and then hand over the invigorated supporters to back Deep State agent Clinton.

James Comey, then FBI Director, fixed the investigation into Clintons email crimes by “clearing” her, allowing her candidacy to continue before the investigation even started! Now this too is being corrected as Clinton is BACK under investigation for her emails, along with her server, her Foundation, her jihadi aide Huma Abedin, and her pervert husband Anthony Wiener. To say nothing of Clinton’s own rapist husband! This time there is no Comey or Loretta Lynch or Peter Strzok to cover for her.

And the very next day, a mysterious fire at the Clintons house, the 3rd fire at one of their houses in 2 years, was widely speculated to be an attempt to hide evidence, or to gain access by law enforcement! Your News Wire wrote about this earlier this month.

More and more information is pouring out, seemingly by the moment, and the complexity of this web of sedition will challenge the imagination to perceive.


A conspiracy by a tiny handful to steal democracy from 360 million Americans has led to the mind of America being poisoned by the complicit globalist mainstream media for 16 months now. This has caused terrible division in US society and a polarisation based on accusing Trump of Obama and Clinton’s own crimes re: Uranium One and so much more.

To compare this to Watergate is ludicrous. This is Watergate x 1000, the total corruption of the last days of the Obama administration and the Clinton Campaign. Americans must stand TOGETHER and unify around hard established FACT, not “Fake News” narratives. Instead CNN and others have spread Fake News continuously, one of the more recent examples being lies from Dick Durbin justifying literally smearing President Trump and saying “shithole” live on-air 200 times in one day

This is going to be exceptionally hard and with the revelations now underway President Trump, bowing to massively building pressure from activist patriots, will have little choice but to place these people under arrest.

America is a truly great nation and the American people have enormous hearts and love for their country. As the lies are exposed, thousands and then millions will come to accept the cruel deception that has been played on them in an attempt to steal the most powerful office on the planet.

Finally, Q-Anon has had the following to say (I recommend strongly considering Q’s words):

AS = Adam Schiff (possible obstruction of justice) and RR = Rob Rosenstein (who is implicated also).

Our thoughts at Your News Wire are with the American people and we hope that this evil corruption can be exposed and dealt with, for the urgent good of all, without precipitating riots. When the full charge sheet against Clinton and Obama is known, no-one will ever want to stand with them ever again!

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