Seth Rich Investigator Survives Attempt On Life After Posting $130K Reward For Info

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Jack Burkman has survived an assassination attempt after posting a $130,000 reward for information relating to the death of Seth Rich.

Jack Burkman, a well-known conservative lobbyist who made headlines by offering a $130,000 reward for information on the murder of Seth Rich, was sprayed with a “caustic substance” by a “professional” masked attacker outside his Arlington, Virginia home, according to local police.

Arlington police say an unknown man was waiting in a black SUV outside of Jack Burkman’s home at around 7:30 PM on Tuesday. When Burkman arrived, the man—described as a masked white male in a black ski jacket— “sprayed the victim was a caustic substance before fleeing the scene in the vehicle.

In a statement on the alleged assault, Burkman’s public relations representatives said the attacker “doused him with a type of pepper spray, causing burns to his face, and struck him in the head. The attacker then sped off.

Burkman told The Washington Post that he was returning from the grocery store, as usual on a Tuesday night, when he was attacked.

He added that he thought “the end is coming,” when he spotted the man coming up his driveway, and said the attack “seemed professional,” though he is not sure who was behind the attack.

Local police told The Washington Post they have not yet determined the perpetrator’s identity, or if he was working for somebody else.

Burkman angered the Democratic establishment in D.C. in 2016 by offering the reward for information on Seth Rich’s still unsolved murder, and giving conspiracy theories a platform on a website he created for that purpose shortly after the young DNC staffer’s death.

Burkman and many others believe the Democratic National Committee emails published by WikiLeaks during the election were actually leaked by an insider, not hacked by malicious Russian actors, as the DNC and mainstream media have been desperate to establish.

The Arlington Police Department told YourNewsWire that the investigation into the assault on Burkman is ongoing.

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