Country Singer John Rich Questions The Covid Jabs ‘Impact On Humanity’

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John Rich

Country singer John Rich has questioned the covid jabs impact on humanity following a recent debate on Joe Rogan’s podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience.

Terrence Howard and Rogan were discussing the jab and how the spike proteins were affecting people. The Iron Man actor told viewers: “Now we have all of these diseases that are showing themselves because the body is overwhelmed trying to deal with the spike protein.”

He added that “the more boosters you get, the worse your outcomes are going to be.”

Praising Rogan for the ‘bold stand’ (he took) when the governments were trying to poison their citizens’ he also revealed that he had lost three to four jobs due to his refusal to have the vaccine. 

After the podcast was released, Rich shared a clip of the debate on X and asked Dr. Peter A. McCullough to weigh in.

The Mail Online reports: Long known as a vaccine skeptic, the singer tagged Dr Peter A. McCullough and wrote: ‘Terrence Howard with Rogan about what spike proteins have done to humanity. ⁦@P_McCulloughMD can you listen and weigh in on this please?’ 

Dr McCullough is an American cardiologist and has allegedly been a long time Covid-19 vaccine skeptic. 

He has released papers and video about different vaccine – relate conspiracy theories and even received a restraining order from Texas’s largest nonprofit health system, Baylor. 

Dr McCullough has also been removed as a faculty member from Texas A&M College of Medicine, Texas Christian University (TCU) and University of North Texas Health Science Center (UNTHSC) School of Medicine. 

The podcast episode comes after a Texas woman and California man claimed they’ve been left with lifelong disabilities and suffered strokes from Covid shots two weeks ago. 

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