Baron David de Rothschild Indicted In France Over Fraud Case

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Police in France have been ordered to track down Baron David de Rothschild over a fraud involving hundreds of British pensioners

Baron David de Rothschild, one of Europe’s wealthiest aristocrats has been indicted over allegations of fraud after the victims, who were pensioners and mostly expats living in Spain, bought into his loan scheme.

The Olive Press reports:

The banking magnate will now be questioned in his native France, five years after a Marbella-based law firm began legal action against him.

French police have been told by a judge in Paris to track down the wealthy scion who has various homes in the country.

The case involves his company, the Rothschild Financial Services Group, which stands accused of falsely advertising an equity release loan scheme, bought into by more than 130 pensioners between 2005 and 2008.

More than 20 British pensioners in Spain took up legal action against Rothschild’s company after losing their dream properties and thousands of euros.

Paris-based liaison judge Javier Gómez Bermudez – famous for his role in prosecuting the Madrid bombers – announced the summons this week after the Denia Court issued the order.

The Baron is believed to be staying at his Normandy castle, or near to his Paris offices, and lawyers have provided state prosecutors in France with two possible addresses to find him.

Marbella-based lawyer Antonio Flores of Lawbird said the indictment was a ‘breakthrough moment’ in the case.

“It is a good step in the right direction,” Flores told The Olive Press. “The courts are now in agreement with us that there is enough evidence to interrogate Baron Rothschild.

“The first thing they will have to do is find him. Once they have done that they can begin to question him.

“It is a real breakthrough moment for everyone involved.”

Rothschild’s product, the Credit Select Series Mortgage Loan, was sold to pensioners as a legal means to reduce the value of their homes for inheritance tax mitigation purposes.

The Tax Agency ruled that such a scheme constitutes fraud and Flores believes that Rothschild should be held accountable.

“In short, independently of what happened to the investment, Rothschild advertised a loan aimed at reducing inheritance tax, which is a breach of tax law,” he said.

Flores, and two other prosecuting lawyers, will submit questions for Rothschild in relation to fraudulent advertising.

The Rothschild Group has so far failed to comment.



  1. Pretty minor considering what that family have done over the past 300 years to the entire planet. The entire family needs executing.

    • I am so glad other people know how evil this family is they need to be stopped not sure why the good people do not pick them off 1 by one they are so arrogant would never expect it. They are responsible for countless deaths and Murders. Its unclear if they are even human

  2. How can you track him down, I would check the home he has in Greece. He can just chill out in any number of places in the EU, he doesn’t need ID in the EU . You want to track him down ask the Russians to find him, they are the world’s top hound dogs.

  3. Nice put all the Criminal Rothschild in prison better yet hang them.. That family has infested the planet and controls all the money on the planet. They have Trillions of $$$ and Gold, Diamonds and Precious world heritage artifacts and painting that do not belong to them its stolen from various countries around the planet.

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