Russia: US-Led Coalition Wiped Syria’s Raqqa Off The Face Of The Earth

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Thee Russian Defense Ministry said that what the US-led coalition has done to Syria’s Raqqa is comparable to the infamous Allied bombing of Dresden in world war two.

Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Major General Igor Konashenko said “Raqqa has inherited the fate of Dresden in 1945, wiped off the face of the earth by Anglo-American bombardments”

In a statement released on Sunday, the ministry also accused the West of rushing to provide aid to Raqqa to cover up their own crimes.

“What is behind the rush by Western capitals to provide targeted financial help only to Raqqa?” Konashenko asked. “There’s only one explanation – the desire to cover up evidence of the barbaric bombardments by the US air force and the coalition as fast as possible and to bury the thousands of civilians ‘liberated’ from Daesh in the ruins.”

RT reports:

Raqqa, which has served as the Syrian stronghold of the terrorist group Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) since January 2014, was seized by the US-backed group Syrian Democratic Forces earlier this week. Some 80 percent of residential buildings in the city are estimated to have been rendered uninhabitable during the fighting, which involved massive bombardment by the US-led coalition’s airstrikes and artillery shelling.

“Raqqa is still smoldering after the bombardment by the international coalition, and senior officials in Washington, Paris and Berlina are already pouring out pledges to allocate tens of millions of dollars and euros for reconstruction,” Russian Defense Ministry Spokesman Gen. Igor Konashenkov said Sunday.

He said the intention to help Raqqa residents was commendable, but Moscow could not but wonder why previously all its calls to deliver humanitarian aid to other parts of Syria had been ignored or rejected.

“We made a list of cities and villages most in need and we didn’t distinguish between ‘bad’ and ‘good’ Syrians. But the answer from Washington, Berlin, Paris and London has always been the same: we can’t, we won’t,” the general said.

The change of heart may indicate that the US-led coalition simply wants to get rid of the evidence of its “barbaric bombing” of Raqqa, which resulted in “thousands of civilians, which [the coalition] claimed to be liberating form ISIL, being buried under debris”.

“Raqqa’s fate calls to mind that of Dresden in 1945, leveled by the US-British bombings,” Konashenkov added, referring to the controversial campaign reaching a peak in February 1945, during which American and British bombers dropped over 3,900 tons of bombs on the Nazi-controlled German city, killing some 25,000 civilians and destroying much of its center. The military necessity for such an action was questioned by many people, while some, including British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, perceived its goal as terrorizing the German population.


  1. No, considering the area involved this was on a larger much scale than Dresden.

    It is more like the Russian invasion of Afghanistan, or the Chinese invasion of Tibet or the North Korean invasion of South Korea.

  2. What a lot of trolls for the west, war mongering idiots who completely ignore the facts of the truth in regard to what the west has done to this city(and Syria in general) and the death toll involved of innocent people while their stupid proxy armies IS etc mostly all escape by safe route. Have you, stupid moronic trolls who care not about life and are there to support your western death squads, think or believe the people in general world wide who read your trash propaganda will believe you ( if you do then you batter think again), while overlooking the facts, that it was and is the west(primarily the US and UK) who has/have destroyed Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya etc (and now Greece financially), and now attempting to destroy Syria for their own totally selfish agendas. Yet, GOD sees all and knows all and will very soon bring judgment on ALL responsible for the evils of the world(Rothschilds etc will not escape). The world seems to have forgotten, GOD is not mocked! HIS WORD stands and HE will bring it about!

  3. Nazis got Nuremberg but their handlers – still at large deserve Sanaa,
    a courthouse of the real victims of the Anglo criminals and their allies

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