Bette Midler: ‘Fascist’ Trump ‘Shames’ USA

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Bette Midler blasts 'fascist' Trump for shaming America

Washed-up actress Bette Midler took another vicious swipe at President Trump this week, declaring that “you tear us down,” while claiming America is in a “battle for its soul…against fascism.”

The far-left Hollywood star is a vocal critic of the president, often tweeting outlandish slurs against POTUS.

“You have taught us, Mr. Trump, to expect the worst of you,” Midler said.

“You have met our expectations.”

“Right now, our nation is engaged in a battle for its soul, a battle, and this is the crucial part, a battle against fascism,” Midler declared.

“You tear us down,” she said.

“You shame us.”

“We will be silent no longer,” she added.