Tucker Carlson: Bank of America Gave Customer Purchase History to Feds So They Could Target Capitol Protestors

Fact checked
Tucker Carlson reveals Bank of America gave Feds customer purchase history as part of Jan 6 riot investigation

Bank of America sent private customer purchasing history data to federal agencies to assist in their investigation of people who attended the January 6 D.C. protest, Tucker Carlson has revealed.


Theconservativetreehouse.com reports: Again, demonstrating the ramifications from a lack of privacy protection, the assembly of an enemies list has been part of the overall investigation.  Gizmodo outlined how the phone numbers of Parler users were tracked using GPS and also used by investigators [SEE HERE] However, in contrast to the reality of the situation, the owners of Parler still claim no user data was ever collected.

According to Tucker Carlson’s reporting one Bank of America was customer was targeted, interrogated and released after nothing was discovered.  However, this type of exploitation should serve as a warning to Americans…. There is a big brother, and that system can/will be weaponized by government if/when an ideological administration is in power.