George Soros Endorses Florida Governor Ron DeSantis

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DeSantis Soros

On Thursday George Soros appeared to endorse Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

Soros predicted that DeSantis would beat former President Donald Trump in the 2024 GOP primaries.

DeSantis hasn’t officially confirmed or denied that he is running…… yet..

Praising elements of DeSantis’s style, Soros said Trump on the other hand had “turned into a pitiful figure continually bemoaning his loss in 2020. Big Republican donors are abandoning him in droves…”

According to a report by Conservative Treehouse:

Saying that DeSantis “is shrewd, ruthless, and ambitious”, George Soros delivers an endorsement of the Florida governor adding, “He is likely to be the Republican candidate.”

When billionaire leftist and creepy globalist George Soros is complimenting your personality attributes, you just might be doing the whole Republican presidential candidate thing wrong. Just sayin’.

Soros, an international financier and philanthropist, typically dumps millions of dollars into political races and committees. He heads a global liberal network of groups pushing climate change, financial reform, and changes to the criminal system.  He recently teamed with Charles Koch and the Rockefeller Brothers Fund to revive the Iran nuclear deal, according to reports.

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