New Ground Zero Health Disaster: East Palestine Workers Report ‘Severe Migraines and Nausea’

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East Palestine workers now reporting migraines and nausea following accident

More workers in East Palestine, Ohio, are reporting severe migraines and nausea, prompting fears that the cleanup could constitute a new ‘ground zero’ health disaster.

Meanwhile, President Biden casually stated this week that he might visit the town “at some point.” reports: Earlier this week, rail union leader Jonathan Long wrote to several Biden administration officials, including Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, to warn them that cleanup workers are becoming incredibly sick.

Long writes, “I received reports that Norfolk Southern neither offered nor provided these workers with appropriate personal protective equipment, such as respirators that are designed to permit safely working around vinyl chloride, eye protection, and protective clothing such as chemical restraint suits, rubber overboots and rubber gloves rated for safely working around the spilled chemicals that prevent direct contact with such substances.” 

He further notes that workers “continue to experience migraines and nausea, days after the derailment, and they all suspect they were willingly exposed to these chemicals at the direction of NS.” 

Long slammed the train company for cutting corners in a “quest for more record-breaking profits at the sacrifice of safety,” and urged government officials to “help bring about … necessary changes before more trains go off the rails in communities like East Palestine.”

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  1. Black rock Vanguard State Street and JPMorgan are the major owner s .It’s not the government’s trains It’s a privately owned business and they should be cleaning it up .

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