Justin Trudeau Issues License to Company To Produce and Sell Cocaine

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Justin Trudeau issues cocaine license to woke company - authorizing them to produce and sell coke to Canadians

Justin Trudeau’s government has issued a license to biosciences company Sunshine Earth Labs to produce and sell cocaine to the Canadian public.

The licensing deal comes after a far-left policy was announced to address the opioid overdose crisis, by decriminalizing cocaine, heroin and other hard drugs.

France24.com reports: Ottawa granted a criminal code exemption in January to British Columbia for the three-year pilot project, with the aim of removing the stigma associated with drug use that keeps people from seeking help.

Advocates have also been pushing for safer supplies of drugs to be made available to addicts who face a risk of dying from toxic drug poisoning linked to illicit street drugs.

Sunshine Earth Labs said in a statement it received permission from Health Canada to “legally possess, produce, sell and distribute coca leaf and cocaine,” as well as morphine, MDMA (ecstasy) and heroin.

Its announcement comes on the heels of a similar licensing arrangement offered in February to Adastra Labs, which had until now focused on crafting cannabis extracts.

Adastra’s license also allows it to produce and sell psilocybin and psilocin — hallucinogens more commonly known as magic mushrooms that produce effects similar to LSD.

“We will evaluate how the commercialization of this substance fits in with our business model at Adastra in an effort to position ourselves to support the demand for a safe supply of cocaine,” chief executive Michael Forbes said.

British Columbia is only the second jurisdiction in North America to decriminalize hard drugs after the US state of Oregon did so in November 2020.

The Canadian province is the epicenter of a crisis that has seen more than 10,000 overdose deaths since it declared a public health emergency in 2016. That represents about six people dying each day from toxic drug poisoning out of a population of five million, topping Covid-19 deaths at the onset of the pandemic.

Nationwide the number of fatalities has surpassed 30,000.


  1. Big deal. Much worse has been legal for decades. Cocaine has nothing on the big pharma. More people die from prescription drugs than cocaine, every year. It’s a far greater crime to push the quackery of big pharma.

    • He’s Catholic and cocaine comes from Catholic South America They get the money. And heroin comes from actually believe it or not Tasmania and Afghanistan. Guess who profits If you know anything about tasmania you I is it’s run like a nazi prison camp disguised as the ginger bread House And we k ow who controls Afghanistan and its not the taliban

    • Legalized deadly dangerous drugs, medical murders, not the accidental kind, mandated deadly dangerous vaccines (?), freezing bank accounts for unapproved public opinions; oh Canada has become OH NO ! Canada.

  2. Just a heads up about what happens in the near future:
    The ‘Power Elite’, will poison with deadly consequences all drugs.
    They control and run all drugs at the top via the CIA, since they killed Kennedy for the power to do it.
    JFK, refused to give it to them. Onassis, the “shipping king” was in reality a drug smuggler and Ashkenazi/mossad.
    Jackie K, a jewess, helped them do it, and became Mrs. Onassis for it.
    The reason Marijuana and now, cocaine, will be legalized is for genocide.
    The poisons in ‘Krokidil ‘and the new drug ‘Tranq’ that eat the flesh, are trial runs for these poisons.
    Even the pharma drugs, will have poisons in them (silent weapons for quiet wars).
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    Problem is the Nukes, prevent rebuilding, so they have the DUMBS underground to wait it out.
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  3. Good They should not have been criminal anyway .People should be free to choose . Here you can’t even buy a packet of ordinary painkillers without a prescription from your Dr So it will cost you at least 50 bucks to get a prescription for a 2 dollar packet if pain killers .

    • Legal is one thing, the Canadian government using tax funds to supply drugs to addicted people is another

  4. People dying of ODs more than ever. At least 3 of my friends in the last few years. Probably more than that if I thought harder.

  5. …great ffs, Canada will soon look like the hellscape called California. Trudope and Newsom are BFF after-all

  6. Jacob Rothschild > Nathaniel Rothschild (N.M.Rothschild & Sons Limited, New Court, St Swithin’s Lane, London EC4P 4DU) > Oliver Letwin > George Osborne (British Chancellor of the Exchequer).
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    Henry Makow

    • “It is accurate to posit that Australia, New Zealand and Canada are not independent, sovereign countries. However, these nations are not owned and run by the UK; they are owned and run by the House of Windsor Crown Temple syndicate within the City of London Corporation. The head signatory of the Crown Temple syndicate is Elizabeth Windsor (Queen Elizabeth II of England).
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      The financial affairs of the new UK coalition government in London are also Rothschild-controlled. The line management here is understood to be Jacob Rothschild > Nathaniel
      This should have been above the quote above It starts at this quote
      And the Rothschilds are controlled by the SMOM Which are controlled by the Jesuits.

      • “The Jesuit controlled SMOM has a permanent observer status at the UN. Who created the CFR which created the UN?
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        golddragnet – member of ATS Forum

  7. I think the label of ” Snow Birds” will take on a new meaning, or something like that. Remember- never question if your “elected” reprrsentative actually represent the wishes or interests of their constituents.

  8. Will this allow stores sell cocaine in packages on the shelves, like pot, or does it have to be used in another context, medical or prescribed?

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