Senator Tom Cotton: Biden Is Working for Chinese Communists

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Sen. Tom Cotton says Biden is working for the Chinese government

Senator Tom Cotton has accused the Biden administration of working for the Chinese regime by “appeasing Chinese Communists”, noting that it’s a “losing policy” that Biden is hellbent on continuing.

Appearing on Fox Business on Thursday, Cotton declared that “the only conspiracy… was the conspiracy of silence among liberals and the media, and the federal bureaucracy and the Democrats in Congress to suppress the common sense conclusion that the Chinese Communists were responsible, because of their negligent practices in this lab, for unleashing this pandemic on the world.”

“Unfortunately you still see that conspiracy of silence to some degree,” Cotton continued, adding “You see White House officials bending over backwards to say they don’t have a consensus, there are no firm conclusions, to apologise for or even defend Chinese Communists.”

“They did the same thing when China sent a spy balloon to America, speculating that it could have gotten blown off course from Guam to Alaska. That’s a heck of a wind,” Cotton noted.

“What’s dangerous, is that the Biden administration and liberals in the media still have this mindset that somehow if we appease Chinese communists, if we mollify them, if we kowtow to them, then they won’t take provocative actions towards America,” Cotton asserted, urging “That’s the exact opposite of what we should be doing.” reports: The Senator continued, “It’s part of a pattern of Joe Biden’s career. He’s always excused Chinese communist aggression and wrongdoing. I mean, as recently as the 2020 campaign, he was saying that China is not a competitor of the United States.”

Cotton added that Biden “even goes out of his way, still, to say that he doesn’t want a Cold War. Well, I don’t either, and most Arkansans don’t. But if China is waging a Cold War against us, as they have been for decades, our only choice is to win or to lose. And unfortunately, this administration has a losing policy.”


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