German Gov’t Instructs Kids From Poor Families To Pursue a Career in Prostitution

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German gov't now teaching kids from poor families that prostitution is the answer to their financial strains

The German government has begun instructing children from poor families to turn to prostitution as a viable means of earning extra money.

A new government-approved children’s book is being distributed to children in Berlin to teach them about “the benefits of prostitution.”

The disturbing book, titled, “Rosie Needs Money,” was created for children ages 6-12 whose parents or family members may be struggling financially. reports: Berlin’s Equal Opportunities Officer Kerstin Dobrick explained red light district locals had been asking the government how to speak to children about sex work.

Dobrick said, “An order was placed for a children’s book that tried to explain to the children what was happening there. Interestingly, extensive research has shown that educational books for children aged 10 and over avoid this explanation.”

The book was also created with the help of “primary school children and other people” in the community, according to Dobrick.

Considering some of the material in the book is extremely graphic, it’s disturbing that young kids took part in its creation.

“Rosie Needs Money”

One image from the book can be seen below where a man is penetrating a woman.

According to a women’s rights activist, the book “is about a mother from Bulgaria, who is forced to leave her kids behind to go to Berlin and have German men rape her for money.”

The book is written from the perspective of a child who is looking for a prostitute named Rosie, the Bulgarian mother.

When the kid finds Rosie, she learns that the woman exchanges sex for money, and that condoms are used to prevent disease and pregnancies.

“Rosie Needs Money”

Rosie tells the young girl, “Men want to put their penis in my vagina. A few times in and a few times out – and you’re done. There’s nothing more to it than that.”

This clearly downplays the darker side of prostitution and the treatment of many women in the industry.

As Reduxx accurately noted, “Bizarrely, the book concludes with quotes from children and young people who live in areas where street prostitution takes place. Most of the sentiment is overwhelmingly negative, and presented as examples of attitudes towards prostitution in youth which require discussion.”

The children actually living in the red light districts said they are “ashamed to live” there, “can’t sleep well,” are “afraid of the Johns,” and that local women “suffer.”

On Tuesday, German residents reported to Reduxx that the PDF file featuring the book on the Berlin Government’s website had been removed.

An X user asked, “This Germany?” in response to the pro-prostitution book, providing a link to an article about an experiment authorized and financially supported by the Berlin Senate that sent orphans to live with known pedophiles.

A 560-page report covered by the Daily Beast in 2021 detailed how German nuns running a convent in the 1960s and 1970s “rented” orphaned boys to businessmen and clergy who would rape them before sending them back to the orphanage.

Earlier this year, Infowars wrote about daycare centers in Germany that are disturbingly encouraging young children to explore their sexuality in special “masturbation rooms,” according to German media.

The report by Die Welt discussed how the depraved practice of sexualizing kindergarteners is unfolding in two daycares in the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia.

It seems Germany may be at the forefront of the sexualization of children being promoted across the globe by the modern far-left.

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