Democrat State Senator Twerks Upside Down In A Bikini For Votes

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'the next rising star of the Democrat party'

Democrat twerking upside down

A Rhode Island state senator has been blasted after posting a ‘campaign’ video of herself twerking upside down in a bikini on independence day.

Tiara Mack posted a video of herself on the beach doing a headstand and twerking while encouraging people to vote for her.

28 year old Mack, who entered the Rhode Island legislature in January 2021 and is the first black openly gay woman to do so, has also sponsored a bill for teaching kids “queer inclusive, pleasure-based sex ed”

Not surprisingly, not everyone was impressed by Mack’s her TikTok display

Tucker Carlson even joked that Mack should be the Democrat’s choice for Secretary of State!

He mockingly described her as ‘the next rising star of the Democrat party,’ and added: ‘Why isn’t she Secretary of State? Why aren’t they pushing her for president?’

Gateway Pundit reports: Tiara Mack fired off a tweet defending her TikTok video and blamed prudish conservatives for the backlash even though many Democrats disapproved as well.

“Damn. Twerking upside down really makes the conservative, unhinged internet accounts pop off on a Monday,” Mack said.

“I’m not a conservative and I’m disappointed. Where do we draw the line on the behavior of public figures? I like when WE have a standard of decorum that we want OUR people to rise to. To be UNCOMMON to be admired! This ain’t it.” a leftist said on Twitter.

Tiara Mack replied: “girl. I have an Ivy League degree and am a state senator. Hate to break it to you. Their decorum isn’t for us. They can’t respect us in a system designed to oppress us.”


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