US Army Says Unjabbed National Guard & Reserve Soldiers Can’t Drill & Won’t Be Paid

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The US Army has announced that unvaccinated National Guard members and reservists who missed the deadline to get fully jabbed against covid, will not be allowed to take part in federally-funded drills or training, and will not be paid or receive retirement credit.

The Army released a press release that stated: “Beginning July 1, 2022, members of the Army National Guard and U.S. Army Reserve who have refused the lawful [Department of Defense] COVID-19 vaccination order without an approved or pending exemption may not participate in federally funded drills and training and will not receive pay or retirement credit”

Breitbart reports: The number of unvaccinated Army National Guard soldiers across the country could be up to 40,000, according to a recent Associated Press report, though that includes roughly half who have applied for exemptions and are awaiting responses.

Still, Army officials acknowledge that 40,000 remain unvaccinated, that could affect military readiness or National Guard missions such as the ongoing one at the nation’s southern border.

“When you’re looking at, 40,000 soldiers that potentially are in that unvaccinated category, absolutely there’s readiness implications on that and concerns associated with that,” Lt. Gen. Jon Jensen, director of the Army National Guard told the AP. “That’s a significant chunk.”

At least 18,000 National Guard and reserve soldiers who have flatly refused will be immediately affected. While the National Guard forces may still be activated and paid by their state, they could be kicked out eventually, the Army said. The Army said in its press release:

Soldiers who refuse the vaccination order without an approved or pending exemption request are subject to adverse administrative actions, including flags, bars to service, and official reprimands. In the future, Soldiers who continue to refuse the vaccination order without an exemption may be subject to additional adverse administrative action, including separation.

About 13% of National Guard troops and 12% of Army Reserve soldiers are not fully-vaccinated, despite the Army’s deadline for part-time soldiers passing on June 30, 2022.

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin in August 2021 ordered all service members to be vaccinated or face discharge from the military.

So far, only 1,148 active duty Army soldiers have been discharged, though thousands more are expected to be discharged as more exemption requests are denied or temporary accommodations expire.


  1. US army has become the enemy of the people of the USA. They decided to serve the central banks and their entities. If you are a member of the armed forces, you should quit.

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      “Nothing is what it seems” QE2

  2. An unelected, illegal administration moved right in and made life miserable in every way for everyone.

  3. 12% losses is crippling. What is the guard going to do when a natural disaster strikes? The next major riot?
    Just like many police departments, many of those leaving will be experienced veterans. They cannot be easily replaced.

    • Exactly And the pentagon is secretly run from England, the legal owner of America since the war of independence was treason really to the Crown, through the Special Operations Branch.
      Psyops are E glands strongest weapon and the public are like children to them, like taking camdy from babies. So totally easily manipulated.

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