2 Million Palestinians In Gaza Without Power

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The two million inhabitants of the Gaza Strip, the most densely populated open-air prison in the world, are in crisis.

They only have 2-4 hours of electricity each day.

Following the 2014 Israel–Gaza conflict (Operation Protective Edge), 900,000 Palestinians lacked proper water and sanitation facilitates.

Today that number is 2 million, most of the population of Gaza, majority of whom are under the age of 25.

A feud between Hamas and the Palestinian Authority has led to Israel reducing the Strip’s power supply.

The impact on people’s access to water and power is worse than it was in the aftermath of the war that ended three years ago this week, Oxfam reported today.

Mint Press News reports:

Since the 2005 election of Hamas in Palestine, the Israeli government has controlled Gaza’s airspace, food access, acquisition of building materials, and electricity. In the last 10 years, the local population has faced recurrent, if not perpetual, military action, including six full-fledged military operations launched by Israel, with the unwavering support of the United States. In 2014, Operation Protective Edge—a 51-day war—further devastated Gaza, killing over 2,200 Palestinians, more than 500 of them children. It also left the small enclave still more vulnerable, as the homes of some 18,000 residents were destroyed by Israeli bombs.

Still reeling from war, the Palestinians of Gaza have continued to face electricity shortages that leave them without power in extreme weather conditions for up to 20 hours a day. According to the Israeli head of the Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories (COGAT), Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas requested that Israel stop supplying electricity to Gaza in April of this year, due to the Authority’s power struggle with Hamas for control over the Strip. Israel has happily obliged.

These outages have led to creative endeavors such as solar power initiatives. But, especially with Israel denying crucial building materials from entering the Strip, the solar power alternative falls short of allowing residents to have normal lives. Having electricity for two to four hours a day is the worst it has been, according to locals; but they’re not holding out hope that things will get better.

Not until Israel’s siege ends, and those funding the siege, and larger occupation, stop financing this devastation.

Ghosheh underlined that the Israeli government had only just recently allowed use of a dedicated power line to provide electricity to a wastewater treatment plant project led by the World Bank, three years after the request for the power line was first submitted. In October the Israeli government illegally intercepted the "Women's Boat to Gaza," detaining participants including Nobel Peace Prize winner Mairead Maguire of Northern Ireland, part of the Freedom Flotilla Coalition which attempted to defy Israel’s blockade of Gaza and bring much needed medical aid to the besieged territory.

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    • I am not agreeing or disagreeing with you. Having a one year old child and experiencing their innocence has changed my opinion on a lot of these things.

      Children do not decide their own religion. It is instilled in them by their parents. Punishing children because of their parents choice of religion is unjustifiable. Punishing otherwise peaceful civilian populations because of their religion is as well.

      Don’t forget that Nazi Germany was a Christian country, and that they murdered 6 million Jews.

      Also, don’t forget that the United States is a Christian country, and they dropped two atomic bombs on civilians in Japan.

      All religions are guilty of crimes against humanity, no matter which way you look at it. No religion is more illuminating than the other.

        • I had thought manifest destiny was confined to the continental United States.

          At any rate, no you are correct, it was not a religion. But religion has always been a dominating theme in every war.

          • I disagree. Greed and Power is the religion that starts all wars.

            Religion is merely the means for the leaders and elite to control the masses needed to fight it.

            The warriors and dying on both sides pray to a God that does not exist. Even ….IF …a …God, Allah or the Tooth Fairy did exist, both sides are ignored equally, don’tcha think?

          • I never said religion was the cause of war, I said it was a theme, as wars are fought by people who follow man-made religion; however, they are not the ones who start the wars. They are started, like you said, by the powers that be.

          • horse dung, read a little history pumpkin there were no “religious wars” ..WWI nope no religion there. WWII nope they were all about world domination. Korea Nope……Vietnam Nope…I rest my case

          • I said they were a theme, not a cause. The people who fight wars are not the people who cause wars, and they by majority follow a man-made religion; therefor, it inevitably becomes a theme.

            I read history avidly, and considering we don’t know each other, the insult is a little uncalled for, especially considering the fact that you misread me.

      • …Punishing children because of their parents choice of religion is unjustifiable?


        18 to 35 years ago innocent muslim babes grew up to follow a genocidal terrorist cult, islam, and have robed, attacked, raped and murdered thousands of infidels worldwide while happily implementing it.

        Tell me again why I should care about the innocent muslim babes living today?

        • Charlie, I never told you what to think or who you should care about. You were expressing your opinion, and I was merely expressing mine.

          • So………..Tell me again why I should care about the innocent muslim babes living today? I do NOT!

          • Because were those same babies surrounded by another set of circumstances, and not brought up/indoctrinated by a genocidal suicide cult, as you say, they would come of age with a completely different set of moral values.

          • If …Dog …Rabbitt!

            There is no mechanism to accomplish that task. It is naive to even think it.

          • Not necessarily naive. What I said was true; however, how it would apply to them, given their circumstances, it is improbable they would have the opportunity to be raised any other way.

            Nevertheless, I would never judge a baby by the circumstances they were born into. And, just so this is not taken out of context by anybody (including yourself), I am most definitely not saying that you would.

  1. Is all I can say is GOOD!!!!! they are taught at a very young age to hate and murder all Jews, Christians and followers of YASHUA

    • Why would they be taught to hate Jesus? Jesus is in the Quran in nearly the same capacity as he is in the Bible. In Islam he is referred to as “Isa ibm Mayram” which translates into Jesus, son of Mary. Statistically, there is more mention of Jesus in the Quran then there is of Muhammad. Why would they teach them to hate followers of a central figure in their own religion?

    • The Israels since 1948 have stolen the Palestinian’s land and proceeded to carry out a relentless genocide in breach of international law and U.N mandates all with the tacit approval of the United States. Approximately 20% of Palestinians are Christian (eastern Orthodox) as compared to virtually 0% of Israels. By voicing your obvious contempt for the Palestinian people I would have to question what if any variety of “Christian” you regard yourself to be as you clearly do not have any love or compassion for your fellow man.

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