Jill Biden Reminds President Joe To Say ‘God Bless America’ After July 4th Speech

Fact checked

Just another typical day at the Biden White House!

Jill and Joe Biden

As President Biden mumbled on about something while wrapping up a July 4th speech at the White House, his wife had to remind him to say ‘God Bless America’.

She ended up having to saying it herself and Joe added ‘God protect our troops’ instead.

Joe then showed how grateful he was to his wife by sniffing her hair!

Just another typical day at the Biden White House!


  1. What nerve they’ve both got. Unbelievable. A family notoriously corrupt and famously smeared with all manner of tainted accusations. Not begging for Gods assistance or blessing, but asking as if entitled to receive As if for granted.

  2. Biden was installed into the Office of the President to make Sabotage (Jade Helm 2015) look like incompetence…

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