The Pope Calls For New Economic System” That Guarantees “Food, Health, Economic & Social Rights”

Fact checked
Pope Francis

According to Pope Francis the world and its institutions require material changes to create a new economic system.

The Pope said it needs to be an economic system that creates food, health, economic and social rights for everyone.

It seems he is calling for what seems to be socialism around the world.

News Max reports: Pope Francis said the need to reform the United Nations was “more than obvious” after the Covid-19 pandemic and the Ukraine war exposed its limits, in an extract of his new book published Sunday.

The Argentine pontiff said Russia’s February invasion of Ukraine highlighted the need to ensure the current multilateral structure — especially the UN Security Council — finds “more agile and effective ways of resolving conflicts”.

“In wartime, it is essential to affirm that we need more multilateralism and a better multilateralism,” but the UN is no longer fit for “new realities”, he added in an extract published by La Stampa daily.

The organisation was founded to prevent the horrors of two World Wars from happening again, but although the threat represented by those conflicts was still alive, “today’s world is no longer the same”, said Francis.

“The necessity of these reforms became more than obvious after the pandemic” when the current multilateral system “showed all its limits”, he added.

Francis denounced the unequal distribution of vaccines as a “glaring example” of the law of the strongest prevailing over solidarity.

The 85-year-old advocated “organic reforms” aimed at allowing international organisations to rediscover their essential purpose of “serving the human family” and said international institutions must be the result of the “widest possible consensus”.


  1. Well get rid of greedy selfish people and it will happen naturally. Ban all olgipolies monopolies and privatised corporations Ban fascist governments totally. Restore land rights to everyone Nationalise all farmlands and grant every person their own acre at birth. Ban deforestation totally. Limit one car per family and two children per family.
    Ban Uranium totally.
    Ban military completely and destroy all forms of spying. Make Secrecy a crime against God punishable by life imprisonment.

    • Your family size limit idea is totalitarianism and in line with Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates’ depopulation agenda.

      Your car limit is in line with the WEF’s ideology.

      Banning all military is outight stupid. The instant one political entity refuses to obey and develops a military, the whole stupid idea falls apart.

      Your banning of secrecy is in line with Klaus Schwab’s plan to eliminate privacy. Eliminating all spying and banning all secrecy are mutually exclusive by the way. You need absolute spying to eliminate all secrecy.

      Nationalizing all farmland is something a communist would do in order to eliminate private property.

      • Oh you can read Mr critical opinion thoughtless of any solution
        If you had a brain you would see the Pope’s saying I want total control over food,by privatisation of farming into billionaires like Schwab Soros Gates Billionaires hands, I want totalv control over finance by centralised powers over everyone’s rights to buy and sell, by slavery I want total control over the law as the Moral. Authority for rule of law and I decided people deserve no more than basic peasant style food animal rights shelter and compulsory vaccinations, forced medical treatments. But your too stupid.

        • Munsch is correct. Totalitarianism is evil, no matter if it fascist, socialist or communist. Libertarianism, limited government and end corporate monopolies and government subsidies to companies. It should be illegal for the government to spend us into debt.

          • The Pope’s is a totalitarian Autocrat Wake up Munschis brain dead and brain washed
            You can’t be more totalitarian than an Autocrat which is what the Pope is.

          • You just don’t know how the Vatican works If you had a clue you would understand. The Pope is God by their law God on earth.

          • Yes and this the precise reaon why for many reformers, protestants, Luther, Calvin,Tindale, later Spurgeon, he was the anti christ incarnate!.

          • Going after the Pope instead of his handlers is like going after Biden instead of his handlers. Puppets take the heat for their handlers, not to mention influencing the enemy’s flock, for example.

            Example: corrupting Christianity through the puppet. The Vatican has been corrupted for most if not all of its existence.

            A competing religion that tends to produce a lot of merchants and money changers and has a deep and hateful grudge against Jesus (says he’s boiling in shit for eternity) naturally has a clear ahd obvious motive for corrupting Christianity, and its highest leaders in the power structure, through the power of greed and money.

            The very same religion has historically had an obsession with being allowed to enslave large numbers of Christians. They have been banned from doing this from time to time.

            In the Soviet Union, they banned Christianity and killed 20-60 million Christians in death camps and by starvation, torturing most of them. Crushing their testicles was one of the standard methods.

            They have on many occasions pretended to convert to Christianity to preach a corrupted version of Christianity.

            Their religious texts state that all people not of their tribe are animals and should not be treated as humans. Yet they have such an obsession with enslaving specifically people who follow the guy who offended the merchants and money changers.

            They also love to corrupt the religion that sprang from his reformation movement, to weaken it and enslave its people forever.

          • Since your such an expert on the yids why don’t mention the all yiddish jesuits or still being deceived by them as being simply good catholics?

          • A catholic trying to wake up to nwo is like a flea under tone of sludge impossible your a wasted effort!. Go back to reading 60 yr old William Guy Carr books(full of many inaccuracies)

          • Rothchilds control both the vatican and wef. Its not all zionist jews doing the dirty work.
            Too often catholic are jew jew while not being specific and drawing attention off major players like the jesuit catholic church.

          • You don’t know anything except wn nonsense and blaming jew jew you are far more clueless than i ever will be, infact very similar views to Hitler.

          • A catholic trying to wake up to nwo is like a flea under tone of sludge impossible your a wasted effort!. Go back to reading 60 yr old William Guy Carr books(full of many inaccuracies)

          • You read catholic authors and follow the typical wn style catholic playbook e.g. blame any jews (logical fallacy)just don’t admit the catholic collusion ever in globalist goals typical wn catholic approach.

          • The catholics are colluding, you idiot. How can you get so many things wrong about me?

          • People who think the Catholics rule the world are delusional, but that doesn’t mean Catholicism isn’t a den of snakes, pedophiles, and Satanists. What you perceive as defense is CORRECTING DELUSIONAL MORONS.

          • If you think jesuits and One World religion are delusional then make your way back to msm. News like this will be too much for your mind.

        • I agree, its pretty clear thats what is meant becasue there is are only financial and corporate monopolies growing stronger and no social levelling globally. Corporate Socialism.

    • “the greatest threats to Americas democracy will come from Pope’s and Prince’s” George Washington. But he knew it was too dangerous to say out loud, knowing them, so he only wrote it in his private letters.

    • The Pope gives obeisance to the Jewish Beelzebub devil . . . Part IV. Of the Kingdom of Darkness . . . Chap. xlvii. Of the Benefit that proceedeth from such Darkness, and to Whom it Accrueth . . .

      [23] The fairies in what nation soever they converse have but one universal king, which some poets of ours call King Oberon; but the Scripture calls Beelzebub, prince of demons. The ecclesiastics likewise, in whose dominions soever they be found, acknowledge but one universal king, the Pope.

      Hobbes, Thomas. Leviathan: with selected variants from the Latin edition of 1668. Ed. Edwin Curley. Indianapolis: Hackett, 1994.

    • Major changes are happening They don’t want you, us to have any freedom to go and buy what we like. They want total control over what your allowed to buy, what they think you deserve, via crypto and block chain and a cashless society. David Rockefeller said he wants to have you stored in a satellite, they call it cloud and get you to sign a cloud contract and then they can control your spending from that satellite that you’ve legally agreed to accept their term s and you don’t even know You thought you signed some formality to let you access
      cloud. No You’ve signed a contract.

      • And they usually have the caveat that they can change it into whatever they want and you agree to accept that. And people agree. Sure they say Whatever It’s all good.

  2. It used to be that the Protestant churches taught who the anti-Christ power was, after all it WAS the very reason for the Reformation !
    But now they sit at Jezebels table and only one resists …
    Oh but they’re a cult, the one Protestant church that DOES all the things that JESUS says HIS last days church will be doing.
    If I were to name MY Church the demons would flock to this comment to abuse GOD like too no other …perhaps I should but Father says ‘ make them search out what I said so that in their learning perhaps they shall also obey me ! ‘

      • Father has promised exactly that… but it occurs not when we pray for it but when our Savior Jesus Christ returns… and by the looks of the global evil insanity that moment is much nearer then most think.

          • You ll need to repent of your hating of God’s chosen people in your outrageous hypocrisy. God is a Jew Jesus is a Jew Virgin Mary is a Jew Not you.

          • Well I ll pray that God sends you some insight so you can repent of your sins and maybe even be saved.

          • You can`t pray to GOD without CHRIST as HE is holy and we are sinful,GOD won`t hear you-CHRIST IS OUR PRIEST not the popes or their rewritten vulgate fake bibles

          • EVERY TRIBE EVERY NATION but yes GOD`s chosen nation is the jewish nation still in rebellion.But GOD`s chosen come from every tribe and every nation and are saved not by our hand but by GOD`s hand as we can`t do anything that will save us.ONLY GOD can save us when we accept HIM that he CAN and does save his CHOSEN

          • JESUS has always been and he chose us before the foundation of the earth.HIS FAITHFULNESS saves us if we accept his WILL as our own as we are humans and sinful unable to save ourselfs even by our weak faith.LET GO LET GOD`s will rule your life not your own self will as that only leads to sin&death.HE knew before hand whom would chose him and whom would reject him.The devil rejected GOD`s will and wrote his own bible with him self as GOD just like dagan does also

          • CHRIST HAS ALWAY BEEN even before he had a human body,he gave up his human life full of HIS HOLYNESS for our sins.HIS FAITHFULNESS SAVES US NOT OUR OWN as everyone fails CHIRST even HIS CHOSEN the devil is a angel that also rejects GOD`s will for his LIFE because he wants his own will and way but that only leads to sin&death

          • IT`s not about US it`s about GOD and us doing HIS WILL as we are but dust GOD blew life into we are to give up our will for HIS WILL just like CHRIST DOES FOR US EVERYDAY&NITE and even when there is NO DAY OR NITE CHRIST IS FAITHFUL we are not but we are STILL CHOSEN we accept that GOD is ruler and let his WILL run our lifes not our sinful self will but HIS WILL

          • VULGATE commissed by the pope had damasus REWRITE the bible in 1592 no one outside of the catholics accepts their REWRITTEN BIBLE by the dagons

          • IF by calling catholicism a dagan based FISH GOD RELIGION a bible based faith than you have been deceived as it is NOT anywhere near what CHRIST SAYS or DIED FOR as HE is the ONLY HIGH PRIEST and when you allow HIS WILL to LEAD you not the will of the world or your own than you WILL WALK WITH CHRIST not by mans hands but by GOD`s hands are we saved HIS FAITHFULNESS not of this world or by our hands as you can`t KNOW GOD WITHOUR CHIRST and you need NO one other THAN CHRIST our HIGH PRIEST to KNOW GOD and do HIS WILL

          • One is jew by faith NOT blood. Dual covenant believer ah? How is Pastor Hagee San Antonio, Texas.

          • You need to get to know GOD`s ANGEL`s of WAR as EIIJAH is killed as a witness of CHRIST in the trib.GOD`s ANGEL`s have been around much longer than US and they didn`t get cast out for THINKING they were GOD

          • Revelations is the end of days. And the battle then for us is of faith and repentance really.

          • There are many many stages in rev the 1000 years so on OUR faith or the faith of any MAN can`t save them.GOD CHOSE US if we allow GOD`s will to lead us THE FAITH OF CHRIST WILL SAVE US we don`t save CHRIST by having a failing human faith less than the size of a mustard seed.REV is about GOD taking US HOME and locking up those whom reject GOD`s WILL not our own will.

        • If you knew GOD`s word you would know that you are a witness of GOD who has never died and your not ONE of the ANGEL`s GOD sends into battle whom can`t die!.ELIJAH the real one I mean has never died is still in the flesh and does die in the trib as a witness of CHRIST but rises after two days in the street and is taken back by GOD!.You MOCK GOD& his chosen with your blabber

          • You don’t understand Revelation to think that he’s one of the two witnesses… those are the old and the new testaments of the Word of God.

            See my reply to ‘ anonymous ‘ as to WHY you fail to get Revelation right.

            As for saying I’m the original then you YOU misapprehend what my s teen name means ( Elijah’s spirit …. For MANY will come in the last days with the same ‘ spirit ‘ of Elijah … unapologetically Gods.

            God bless

          • YOUR the one who does`nt understand whom ELIJAH is and your mocking of him with your lifting of his name.There is but ONE ELIJAH one of the two witnesses whom die in the street in the trib for their FAITH in CHRIST but are raised by GOD.Your are neither a GHOST or a teen age ELIJAH you are just a human without any faith in CHRIST at all as you walk by your own will NOT by GOD`s will or even in his knowledge

          • The Two witnesses are the Old and the New Testaments of His Word… and they’ve already fulfilled this prophecy in France in 1798-1801.

          • I’ve liked some of the things you have had to say, but this that you are repeating about the two witnesses is Seventh Day doctrine that is not supported by anything. Did the NT and OT lay dead in the street for 3 days and the whole world see them? How did they die? Did fire come out of their mouths? Do they have mouths?

          • REVELATION 11 ENOCH&ELIJAH wearing sack cloth dead in the street near where CHRIST was killed at.For three1/2days mocked UNtil GOD raises THEM! and takes them back to his KINGDOM!

          • NOT TRUE! they are of the tribulation as GOD`s chosen sent from heaven your eschatology and canon is UNSOUND just like william miller`s theology mislead many so is your unsound dogma leading GOD`s chosen sheep into heterodox

          • IN SACK CLOTH in the tribulation! rev 11 unsound dogma don`t try to herd GOD`s sheep as you don`t have the gift of teachings

          • You seem very anti-Christ yourself dear.

            Perhaps you ought to address me as Jesus told you too and not as an emotional psychopath ?

          • You think that you can stand up to satan in the trib while the church has already been taken up wereas the two sent by GOD from HIS KINGDOM witnesses are killed in the street.WON`t happen and YOUR FAITH can`t save you anyway AS CHRIST`s faith is what save us not by our hand but by his are you saved.THE MESSAGE OF CHRIST has been there for ages and THE WORD OF GOD IS ALIVE but without GOD giving you understanding you are lost.You won`t out preach the two witnesses or even survive as even death can`t be found-thats HELL on earth and GOD doesn`t place HIS CHOSEN IN HELL with satan but he does return and rules until the rebellion NO death in the 1000 years just like ELIJAH was before he was killed as a witness

        • It S always wen insane How insane do you think life was in 1940 Germany. How I same was Stalins purges? These aren’t ancient history These are yesterday.
          How evil was agent orange and napalm in Vietnam.The truth is there has never been a Christian nation really The war against Christians has never stopped from the crucifixion Tome spent 450 years brutally murdering Christians In fact today is saner than ever before despite everything.

          • The thought of a Christian world ruling over ‘ sinners ‘ is because those who hold to it do not understand the very basics of Biblical study: how ( as in what poetic Hebraic format is what your reading written in… for 100% of Gods word is constructed by intent in one or more than one of the many forms of ancient Hebraic poetry .
            For instance Revelation is written in the Chiastic form … in this case a ‘single Chiastic structure ‘ ( as verses a double or triple … etc . ).if you don’t know how it’s written it’s very unlikely you’ll understand what it says.

          • I don`t think you are a PH-D in any form of hebrew writing and I don`t you understand the message of CHRIST at all JOHN 3;16 so on.YOU can`t understand anything without GOD giving you understanding,You are more of a spirit of confussion misleading the SHEEP as a wolf bragging and paving over the message of CHRIST by not allowing ANY REAL FACTual translation.Like I`ve said you are not a PH-D in any form of hebrew and it shows in your confussion

          • I never said I was a PHD, or declared any such thing.
            And my ‘ Instructor’ is Father God.

            We need not be at odds sister, but the problem isn’t on my end.

            God bless

          • Your the only ONE I see here without any understanding as the whole base of bible is CHRIST remove HIM and you have no bible and that is what you do in the name of your lack of knowledge in your spirit of CONFUSSION you don`t even know your own FAITH so how could you have understanding of any detail of the events.If you had a PH-D in hebrew studies you would`nt be walking around mocking ELIJAH but you still wouldn`t understand GOD because you think you are GOD all the while trying to scatter HIS SHEEP into your human world of SELF

          • I’m not mocking.
            I’m saying I ( and many others ) have the same ‘ spirit ‘, that is CHARACTER of Elijah… as God said it would be in these last days.
            You misunderstood is all.
            But I’m not going to change it until Father tells me too.

            God bless you sister.

          • JOHN 1;22 you don`t have the gift or the spirit of CHRIST leading you don`t teach you are lost as your sheep would be also

          • YOUR not going to do this or that or whatever BECAUSE your faith is in you and not from GOD as real FAITH ONLy COMES FROM GOD not man your faith won`t get you there CHRIST`s will be done do HIS will you are not a teacher you don`t have the GIFT so don`t try lead GOD`s chosen SHEEP as you are more lost than any lost soul I have heard of in the last few years.GOD`s WILL BE DONE not your falseHOOD FAITH OF YOU.Man can`t save himself and not many have the gift of teaching YOU don`t and I have studied for over 60 years along with PH-D`s in theology`s not lay people like william miller whom mislead 1000s like he has done to you also

        • The church is taken uP than the 1000 years of CHRIST RULING THE EARTH than the devil gets locked up forever with those whom REJECTED GOD`s WILL like satan does.HATE is not for GOD`s CHOSEN they CRY for the LOST souls

          • Ok… if you said ( and I think you did ) that the Church ( that being EVERYONE found in the Lambs Little Book of Life from all of human time both the living and the dead ) and that this present earth is DESTROYED BY FIRE at his coming to get us. The Devil, that serpent Lucifer then walks ALONE on this earth to witness what his coveting has wrought for 1,000 years.
            Jesus and His church go to heaven for those 1,000 years.
            Then AFTER 1,000 the earth is remade ( without a sun ) and New Jerusalem which is now in Heaven will descend and we the church and Jesus who will rule from the Golden City ( Jesus will be our Light and Life ( no sun remember ) ) .
            The dead in their sin, will be resurrected to the resurrection of condemnation ( White Throne Judgement ) where every knee will bow and every tongue confess ( even Lucifer’s ) that Jesus Christ is Lord of all and then they try to make a bum rush on New Jerusalem and Jesus reduces them all to ash in a twinkling.
            The concept of hell believed today ? Unbiblical and doesn’t fit what the Bible actually teaches.


          • the church is taken up the dead rise first thanThe trib is 3-1/2 years CHRIST returns RULEs the earth for 1000 than the rebellion then the end of times and the judgement.You are no where near a real canon of the GOSPEL there but than again you have also been lead into false teachings before with william millers.YOUR the one whom is unbiblical and without any canon in your falsehood rantings about your own verson of your bible for you.You`ve made yourself GOD of ghosts all very much sinful as ONLY you know the truth but the truth but the truth is you are no way near any real theology as you grab at any straw.Don`t teach as your sheep would be lost forever like your self

      • ELIJAH will be here so nah he won`t burn his self up and he is a witness of CHRIST and the 1000 years of CHRIST as ruler NAH way way offt

      • JOHN 14;6 CHRIST is the way the truth and the life NO one comes to the FATHER but by CHRIST apostates all around US!.

      • What is a ‘ ghost ‘ but a spirit ? Elijah’s spirit , and in the last days many will come with Elijah’s spirit ( a like personality and ministry )….
        Lord why are men so daft ?

        God bless

    • They all accepted the Pope as the leader of the one world religion at the inter faith councils ecumrnucal meeting about 25 to 30 years ago They just kept it amongst themselves including the moslems and Jews and Hindus and budhidts and Shintos All of them signed the contract. So mow they’re all under the Jesuits.

      • NO ONE WHOM HAS CHRIST IN THEIR HEART accepts any other false god or council of man as faith is within and it is GOD`s faithfulness in CHRIST that saves us not any man made ANYTHING dagan was a bad joke years before CHRIST ever died on a CROSS to wash away our sins as he took our place just as predicted before the foundations of the earth

      • That’s because he’s also the Boss of Globalism and Global Governance … it’s starting to leak out now, just like Scripture said it would JUST exactly when the mark of the beast is brought into full play on the world.

        A great many things happening these days… terrible times but quite exciting g from a Christian Biblical perspective !

        Our Redeemer draws nigh !!

        • The black pope or the white YOU DON`T know with your spirit of confussion and they lead nothing and you two sides of the same coin are the only one`s here saying that they do same( SAME PERSON) ranting pope pope pope which one you don`t know

          • Oh dear lady…
            I only know what Scripture says and of that to my shame . For I know it far better than most who call themselves ‘ Christians ‘… why to my shame ? Because all anyone ever need to have done is to have asked Father to teach them from their hearts and He’s more than happy to do exactly that.
            I neither lie or mislead, I speak the simple truth as it was written …

          • YOU so don`t have any theology or knowledges of the gospel or of it`s canon running back&forth in your OWN dictions calling yourself a teacher is NOT having the gift of teaching which comes from GOD which some are given.You don`t have the gift.You lie you twist it`s all about YOU just like your lay preacher william miller whom also mislead many

          • HERETIC^ hebrews 4;15 without CHRIST YOUR ARE LOST! as GOD won`t hear your cry`s

          • God bless you yet again…
            If you actually knew God you’d know He knows me, but HE said HE doesn’t know you.

      • JOHN 14;6 CHRIST is the way the truth the life NO comes to the father But by CHRIST!!!!!!.heretic`s all around US!.

    • The whole protestant name sak any anti-CHRIST they are endless,You won`t be on the earth with the devil anyway as you will be taken up to CHRIST if you have been chosen BY GOD.They will look for DEATH in those days and won`t be able to find it!.HELL until CHRIST`s 1000 years HE JUDGES the nations Rules the world until the rebellion.

      • Those days are the shortened Tribulation years… the ‘ rapture you look for won’t happen . How do I know ? Because if there was a rapture why then shorten the tribulation for reason of ‘ less no flesh survive ‘ ? Or did you think God will repent destroying the cause of this Great Controversy because their sin filled flesh is dying ?

        • The Holy Spirit is capable of enlightening and teaching believers. The Holy Spirit does not need the individual to learn anything to receive knowledge and wisdom from above. Every believer has the some potential for Truth as the next. With God all things are possible.

          Perhaps you are investing too much into the teachings of man, such as “The Great Controversy”. God loves unity and wants all of His sons to live in harmony. Christ is not divided. Let go of your dependance on sects. Seventh Day is just as much of a sect as catholic.

          • JOHN 14;6 CHRIST is the way the truth and the life NO ONE comes to the father but by CHRIST!. More apostate churches than the REAL CHURCH-CHRIST our HIGH PRIEST FOREVER!

        • Nothing of the bible in that rant without any canon just like your william miller`s fake tribulation of 1843-44 as the founder of the seven day advents.Your escahatology has no canon in it`s dogma but thats way over your self centered head

  3. It’s a pity yoou don’t have a donate button! I’d definitely
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  4. The catholics love idoks showing christ being crucified, it is not at all to honor Jesus, but rather to mock him. The romanTemples, idol makers artisans were going broke, so the Emperor made christianity into the state religion. theu turned roman gods into the saints. They turned Diana into Mary, etc.

    • DAGAN HIGH PRIEST IN HIS FISH GOD HAT ages before CHRIST and a metal cross&Christ to poke you with a false CROSS& a metal CHRIST also NOT on a wooden cross or a like in the flesh CHRIST but a metal cold fake one

    • No Constantine realized how useful ot would be to have people so prepared to die for their religious beliefs as the Christians were.

    • JOHN 14;6 CHRIST is the way the truth the life no one comes to the father but by HIM!.sectarian`s EVERY where around Us!.

    • Be careful what you wish for He isn’t calling for utopia He’s calling for the world to obey him including the UN all banking and all people obedient to him as the universal rule of law. No one wants a basic universal wage, which is communism, or universal healthcare, which Is communism
      Or any of what he’d saying UNLESS the people are the AUTHORITY FOR RULE OF LAW, and they decide what a wage should be what food thay are “allowed ” to eat, where they are “allowed” to live what mefical treatments they choose or don’t choose to be “allowed ” to have and so on.
      That is not what Francis wants. He is not a democratic person.

  5. Note his dagan priest fish hat is white and the cross is metal not wood.SO a false metal cross&metal CHRIST but a better than all that WHITE FISH HAT for DAGON

    • He’s the first ever Jesuit Pope He does not use the traditional crucifix or wear the ring or live in the regular Papal quarters He does not live in the Pope’s House. It’s as if he’s saying he isn’t the real Pope.
      He has been very busy destroying traditional Catholic values as fast as he can and he’s actually made a law that forbids any one from ever recreating the Catholic Church back into its previous form Ever, ever ever again. So like me he didn’t approve of the Vatican so is in fact the ultimate PROTESTANT.

      • Not true he is the ultimate protestant clearly you havent read counter reformation histroy, other wise you would know the jesuits have done nothitng to but try annilate the reformation and protestantism. When they couldnt suceed by inquistions and slaughter they went for subtle methods like Ecumenism after vatican 2.

        • JOHN 14;6 CHRIST is the way the truth and the life NO ONE comes to the father but by CHRIST!.apostate churches all around Us!.

  6. Never Trust a religious system that has an audience hall that is shaped like and looks like a serpent…the papacy is the ” wounded (1798) 6th Blasphemous head of the beast” Of REVELATION 12 & 13. The papacy admits in writing they changed GOD’S SEVENTH DAY SABBATH From The Seventh Day of The Week to the first day of the week calling it sun-day – GOD WARNED Us man would attempt this in DANIEL 7:25. GOD CALLED The days of the week, “The First Day; The Second Day, All The Way To THE SEVENTH DAY SABBATH WHICH GOD SET APART AND MADE HOLY. – GENESIS 1,2.

    Man named the days of the week after the sun, the moon, and a collection of Norse and Roman gods.

      • The Seventh Day Adventist Church picks the pocket of their congregation with a Lie, i.e., teaching tithe as a New Covenant doctrine…they also teach the Roman Catholic Church Is “the beast”; the Roman Catholic Church Is the “wounded (1798) 6th Blasphemous head” of the beast.

        A lot of information here if interested: To Tithe Or Not To Tithe By Jack Helser

        Truth For New Covenant Israel/Jacob (John 1:11-13; Galatians 3:26-29; REVELATION 12:17; 22:17):
        2 Corinthians 9:7 – “Each of you should give what you have decided in your heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion (Law), for GOD loves a cheerful giver.”

      • The Seventh-Day Adventist Church picks the pocket of their congregation with a Lie, i.e., teaching tithe as a New Covenant doctrine…they also teach the Roman Catholic Church Is “the beast”; the Roman Catholic Church Is the “wounded (1798) 6th Blasphemous head” of the beast.

        A lot of information here if interested: To Tithe Or Not To Tithe By Jack Helser

        Truth For New Covenant Israel/Jacob (John 1:11-13; Galatians 3:26-29; REVELATION 12:17; 22:17):
        2 Corinthians 9:7 – “Each of you should give what you have decided in your heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion (Law), for GOD loves a cheerful giver.”

        • Synagogue of Satan owns the Catholic Church along with the Jesuits. The corruption and destruction of Christianity has long been the goal of the Synagogue of Satan. Read some Solzhenitsyn for more information on the topic.

          • Jesuits Order sos is jargon striaght of William Guy Carr not actual cult. WGC is catholic as well.

    • The milerite movement of lay preacher in 1840 died with his false 1843-1844 predicted return of CHRIST

  7. Meanwhile the many zombie craplic plebs continue in the catholic churches if not church going, sending their kids to catholic schools etc..and young more concious aiders and abetter their Universities. Really tied of dumb zombies also.

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