Hillary Clinton: Trump Is The Most Dangerous President In The World

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Hillary Clinton calls Trump the most dangerous President in US history

Hillary Clinton has warned that the entire planet should be concerned with President Donald Trump in charge of America. 

Speaking with Australia Broadcasting Corp.’s Four Corners, the presidential loser claims “the whole world should be concerned” with Trump as he represents the most dangerous President in U.S. history.

Thedailybeast.com reports: The former U.S. secretary of state responded to a question from host Sarah Ferguson on whether Trump is the “most dangerous president” ever in the U.S. by saying, “I think he is.”

“He is impulsive, he lacks self-control, he is totally consumed by how he is viewed and what people think of him, he is vindictive,” she said.

Clinton had issued a similar warning before Trump’s election win last year, describing him as the most dangerous man ever to run for president.


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