Experts ‘Baffled’ As 30 Young, Healthy Fully Jabbed Doctors Suddenly Drop Dead

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30 young, healthy full jabbed Canadian doctors drop dead

Young, healthy doctors are dropping like flies in Canada, and the only thing they appear to have in common is the Covid jab forced upon them by the tyrannical Trudeau regime.

This tweet is noteworthy:

Steve Kirsh reports: But the 2019 numbers are misleading because it reflects only part of 2019. The full number was probably around 170 for the year. So the number of doctor deaths in 2021 seems to be about double normal, but more troubling is the age of death. I’m working on a full analysis and will publish the spreadsheet so you can see this for yourself.

They’ve removed earlier deaths because, according to the CMA, it was “too hard to maintain” that data. That makes no sense. So they just show recent deaths. But nothing since the latest booster rolled out in Canada to the doctors. Why? It’s because they’ve “been really busy with other projects.” So they claim they aren’t concealing anything. That’s nice to know that it’s just a resource problem.

What the data says is troubling and it’s in plain sight and it is easy for anyone to verify. I’m sure the CMA will eventually be able to look at it when they have more resources. It’s pretty important since it’s killing the doctors that the CMA is supposed to protect. I’m not sure what is more important than that.

Remember my article about my Canadian doctor friend who told me that he can’t recall any young doctor dying in Canada in the last 30 years? It turns out he was right on the money. You can look at the 2019 and 2020 data that is still available on the site showing that the doctors who are dying are almost always 85 or older.

So how can there now be over 30 deaths of young doctors in Canada who died shortly after the vax shots? I know this from a very reliable source; the details of those deaths will be released in about a week from now.

As you can see from the CMA death notices, that rate of death for young doctors is pretty much non-existent. So there must be something that all these doctors had in common that killed them. It would have to be particularly deadly to kill these young healthy doctors. The time of death is strongly correlated with the vaccine shot. It appears that all the people who died young were vaccinated recently. Hmmm….

I wonder what that could be? The Canadian health authorities are stumped.

If you have a hypothesis, you can suggest it to the CMA on their recent Twitter postings or Facebook page.

I’m sure they’ll be happy to hear from you!


  1. I wouldn’t call them healthy. They were mentally ill because they refused to think for themselves and went along with the status quo. Some even went as far as to mock those who refuse to take the jab.

    • Mentally ill …… or perhaps incompetent? They did not do due diligence on the experimental kill shots for their patients or their own bodies. Darwin stepped up to the plate. Problem solved.

      What’s really bad is all the patients that were directed to the killshots by these ……. these ……. terminal phuckwits.

      • No Darwin didn’t step up. This was brainwashing and indoctrination at the highest level. I am not a believer in Darwin’s theory but if you’re going to apply it you have to factor in random mutation and chance which have zero to do with this. This is all carefully crafted and controlled.

        • “This was brainwashing and indoctrination at the highest level.”


          Perhaps you can explain the meaning of these idiot doctor’s genes being removed from further engagement in the gene pool. Isn’t this the essence of colloquially referenced “Darwin” even if you don’t agree with the theory?

          These doctors choose to ignore common sense protocol of holding back and examining the results of these experimental injections. The doctors choose to ignore the bad conduct from federal/worldwide medical bureaucracies and significant numbers of injuries/deaths being reported in videos.

          I must confess that I don’t see what you disagree with.

          • Doctors didn’t jab themselves for the money. They did that due to being incompetent and stupid.

          • It seems he disagrees with the same thing I do, Darwin. The theory is horribly flawed. But… It really is a perfect irony that these doctors that go lock step with the agenda are paying with their lives… And then the ones still in it refuse to examine the forensic evidence…

      • Nothing to do with Darwin, or natural selection driven evolution. This is pure corruption of medical science and stupidity of medical professionals. It is man made and it is at last the cure for stupid people.

    • Your last sentence about them is a crime very many people share. Of course the average rubber-spined basement dweller doesn’t have the influence over concerned people that their doctor does.

    • those of us who have voided the jab at all cost, some of us have paid a heavy price. But, at least our genome is intact, not altered by experimental mad science.

  2. Maybe they were a very cosy crew of intimates who contracted something transmissible and deadly? Seems the only other probable conclusion.

  3. Pol Pott, under guidance from his central bank handlers, was told to shoot all intellectuals with ak 47s fired by his army of preteens and teenagers.
    Now the central bankers have got so clever they are tricking the intellectuals into killing themselves with unproven drugs. What an accomplishment.

    • The US (Kissinger) blanket bombing of Cambodia especially helped put Pot in power. 110,000 Tons in 14 months of 1969 and 1970.

    • They’re not intellectuals if they let their minds stagnate, assume they know it all and do not need to keep refreshing their minds with new information. These are stagnant minds and the loss to humanity is less than it might seem.

  4. Scandalous and sad. Still, they made a choice. It’s arguably true they weren’t given the information to make sound choices. In the language of the Nuremberg trials submitting a person to medical treatment with their being allowed to make an informed choice is an International crime against humanity punishable by imprisonment or death. We would have such trials now except we’re too busy with Ukraine, the Trump Saga, China, Iran.. what else? These are all coincidental I’m sure!

    • The information was always available. Most of us who avoided the dangerous experiments did so due to having accessed some at least of that information. Why did the doctors not do any due diligence? They listen to the establishment and drug companies without any questioning or verification? I say good riddance then, because such fools are dangerous to people’s health.

      • The same could be said of many of the millions that clamoured for the Jabs. It’s their fault! It’s not so simple. Don’t be angry and vengeful. It’s not a positive life choice and hurts people around you that should not be targets of your ire. Thanks.

  5. The doctors signed a contract with the devil for the riches they made pumping vaccine death jabs into innocent people and the devil collected his dues. That is how evil works.

  6. Could be the jab, could be they were targeted by the Trudeau regime.

    We are living in a police state, a dystopian hell. Things are not as they seem, they are even worse. I call on all free thinking people to rise up and break free of the shackles of the hive mind. Stop buying things except the bare necessities, shut it all down forever.

  7. What will most likely happen next is a huge lack of registered nurses due to the fact that hospital administrators forced the vaccine on all of the medical staff and they will be dropping over as well.

    Never ever trust a socialist government leader.

    • Not all governments which instituted this criminality were socialist. You need to understand this is in almost all nations. We in Australia and others too have swapped from Liberal to Conservative governments or vice versa and the beat still goes on.

    • Plenty of others, with far less economically on their side made the hard choice. If you’re a doctor, you cannot justify harming and killing people in any way and if you’re dead, what matter your job, whether a doctor or bricklayer?

  8. Well I’d say as doctors, they were no loss. You’re dangerously gullible to trust establishment medicine these days and doctors above all should have been wary of so many warning signs as this unravelled. If they just recommended it and jabbed their patients, that’s evil, but if they also take it themselves and their families, then they are absolute morons. Good riddance.

  9. “Doctors Baffled” is becoming code for “Doctors complicit and experiencing buyers remorse or karma”. I personally find it hard to believe medical professionals actually bought into this but it’s likely their decision was based on their livelihoods without a thought to the long term consequences.

    BTW my avatar is a parody as it says “I’ve had my dinner!” rather than vaccine.

  10. The drug cartels have such control over there own robots calling themselves ‘doctors’, that they can easily sacrifice them on their vaccine alter. Jim Jones followers have nothing on these mind f’d doctors.

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