Turkish Heart Attack Victim Comes Back To Life After A Cold Dunk

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Turkish man

A Turkish man who reportedly died following a heart attack came back from the dead after a controversial hypothermia treatment.

The 40 year old regained his life after medics dropped him into ice cold water at the hospital. An ice bath allowed his body temperature to drop to 30C, saving his organs from oxygen deficiency while doctors tried to restart his heart.

Married father of two Bulent Sonmez, has no recollection of 20 years of his life and thinks he is 20 years old. The memory loss is one of the side effects of the freezing icy temperatures on his brain. The result has left him without any recollection of his wife and children.

ANI News reports:

Bulent Sonmez had gone to hospital complaining of a pain his arm when he suddenly collapsed with a huge heart attack, the Daily Star reported.

Doctors quickly attended to the dying man but failed to resuscitate him after his heart stopped.

With little to no options left, medics decided to use a controversial therapeutic hypothermia treatment to dunk the Turk into freezing cold water.

They kept the 40-year-old suspended in ice bath as his body slowly reduced in temperature to 30C.

Doctors then quickly restarted his heart, bringing Sonmez back to life.

Despite its success, unfortunately the procedure left the patient with severe memory loss. He was said to have woken up believing he was 20 years old.

Now Sonmez from the Turkish capital Ankara has returned home and begun rebuilding his life.


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