General Washington’s Christmas Message for Americans Complying With ‘The Great Reset’

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General Washington's message for Americans complying with the 'Great Reset' agenda

Contemplating infinity causes one to recognize both the miracle of life as well as the absurdity of life. If you imagine an outward expansion through an ever expanding Cosmos, as well as an inward expansion to an ever expanding subatomic world, it increases the awe. Of course, if we are dealing with infinity, we have to recognize the possibility that it is not expanding and has always existed. Still, there is then the issue of whether the idea of expansiveness is simply consciousness, whatever that is, creating an illusion of expansion by focalization. Potentiality becoming reality. The limitations of perception clearly come to play when discussing these topics, let alone the limitations of linguistics or mathematics, and their inability to encapsulate higher levels of truth.

The above exercise can bring on the sense of awe. How about the absurdity of it all?

Keeping in mind the above, imagine sitting at a desk peering into a high powered microscope and discovering a universe, then as you adjust your lens you see this tiny planet. As you adjust further, you see this tiny little world with this thing we call civilization. The apparent infinite number of subatomic particles and infinite solar systems, galaxies, and so on, that exist to support this thing called life, is both a miracle and absurd at the same time. Yes, I know the Cosmos and the subatomic world can be considered alive too, but let’s not digress.

As you adjust your microscope further, you see a battle initiating on Christmas night 1776.

Why not? Why should you be bound by time in this thought exercise?

General George Washington was leading his troops undetected across the Delaware river launching a bold surprise attack on British occupied Trenton. This bold attack initiated on Christmas night was a deliberate attempt to catch the Hessians (German Mercenaries) off guard after a day of Christmas drinking and celebrating.

This bold attack on Christmas night was born out of necessity. British troops occupying America had reached 43,000 soldiers.  To make matters worse, a once 25,000 soldier strong Continental Army, had dwindled to 4,300. As if this was not bad enough, on December 31st most of the Continental Army’s enlistment terms would end. This would of course mean the end of the American Revolution and likely the end of a rope for Washington and the Patriots that were signatories to the July 4th Declaration of Independence.

Arguably the most underrated general in history, General Washington was an American Caesar, and as such, would not allow for failure. Delayed by weather, Washington led 2,300 men across the Delaware, and what was supposed to be a predawn invasion, occurred at 8 AM. Some American soldiers had no shoes and left a bloody trail as they marched through the snow on their way to the battle. An hour later, 900 of the 1500 unsuspecting, and mostly hung over, Hessians, were killed or captured on the morning of December 26th.

This was the first victory for the Americans and the turning point of the war. The Continental Army remained intact and eventually swelled again.  James Madison, John Marshall, Aaron Burr, Alexander Hamilton, and James Monroe, who was severely injured, all participated in the battle. Some of the Hessian prisoners were later paraded through the streets as evidence of the Continental Army’s victory.

George Washington was an indispensable man. General Washington did not win every battle and often his battle plans were too complex. He was no Napoleon. Napoleon, was also, no Washington. Our view of Washington is largely influenced and skewed by the aged portrait rescued by Dolley Madison. General Washington was a commanding figure at six foot four at a time when such a height was very uncommon. Washington formed a Continental Army when a continental government did not exist. He held this army together and eventually won the war. An American Caesar, Washington did what no other man has ever done, he denied the crown and retired from public life after two terms as president. We could attribute this to his old age at the time and no heir. Still, like winning the war, he did it. This too was a miracle.

In the current unrestricted war by globalists seeking to dismantle human civilization, there may be no indispensable men at this time. Or at least none has arisen. I’d have to imagine if Washington were alive today, he’d have organized a sort of Continental Army by now, and we’d know who he is. Soldiers marched barefoot and bloody, at the tail end of the mini ice age, into the battle of Trenton. We aren’t seeing that type of courage yet. Although, there have been some heroic medical doctors that have resisted at great expense.

These twisted transhumanists are trying to tamper with the miracle of life and turn planet earth into the The Island of Dr. Moreau. Yet we are still in the stage where our politicians are pretending it isn’t going on. They act as if things are normal and the American and world population aren’t being targeted with bioweapons. I frequently point out that our politicians are cowardly, corrupt, or simply out of touch, for a reason.

I’ve previously written that our Republic has Flatlined. This corrupting process is apparently inevitable in republics. The truth is that our efforts may be futile and our republic may simply die under the weight of its corruption. Regardless, this fight must be fought in multiple ways, as it is not simply about saving the republic, it is about saving humanity.  

Still, if you’d indulge me in another thought experiment. Imagine peering into that microscope again. This time, you see sometime within the next decade, the prosecution and indictments of those that collaborated with Covid bioweapon distribution. Elected officials, hospital administrators, academic administrators that forced students to get shots, employers that did the same, and big tech and big media conspirators that censored information about these bioweapons and their potential harms, all facing justice. Those at the WHO and WEF that are seeking to create a global biomedical tyranny are pleading that they were only trying to make the world a better place by poisoning most of the planet.

Well, if you can’t imagine it, you can’t create it…. 

To those ushering in The Great Reset, in the spirit of General Washington, I wish you and yours, a Merry Christmas. May you have as good a time as those partying and drunken Hessians did in Trenton. May your hang over be as short lived!   

Source: Dr. Sansone


  1. Nothing is what it seems,not even history. It’s all theatre to them.
    They would never be so foolish as to be thinking any special day would be cause for them to drop their guard.

  2. The united states In Bible Prophecy

    13And when the dragon (“See” vs 9 for “the dragon’s identity) saw that he had been THROWN TO the Earth (At THE RESURRECTION OF CHRIST, Satan lost the seat at The Councils In HEAVEN, THAT Adam Lost To him) he pursued the Woman Who Had Given Birth To The Male Child. 14But the Woman Was GIVEN two wings of a Great Eagle to Fly from the presence of the serpent to Her Place in the wilderness (GOD’S TRUE People Went Underground during the “time”/1260 years of the Middle/Dark Ages), where She Was Nourished for a time, and times, and half a time.

    15Then from the mouth of the serpent (Satan giving orders to/through “his seed” – GENESIS 3:15; HEBREWS 1:7; EPHESIANS 2:1,2; REVELATION 12:17…have you seen the pope’s audience hall?) spewed water like a river to overtake the woman and sweep her away in the torrent (of Tyranny/Inquistion),. 16But the Earth helped (That’s The united states of America with Our Supreme Law/Constitution; Declaration of Independence & Oaths of Office) the woman and opened its mouth to swallow up the river that had poured from the dragon’s mouth. 17And the dragon was Enraged at the Woman, and went to make War with the rest (Remnant/End Time) of her children, Who Keep THE COMMANDMENTS OF GOD AND HOLD TO THE TESTIMONY OF CHRIST (EXODUS 20; 1 JOHN 3:4; 1 JOHN 5:11.

    And the dragon stood on the sand of the sea. – Here Satan Is SHOWN Being Rebellious To THE VERY END…he Still Wants To Claim ALL of Humanity As his and must suffer his fate. BUT JOHN 3:16.

  3. George Washington sacrificed much of his wealth and health to fight for the freedom we once enjoyed. Now, American History is all but lost to the ungrateful people who want to destroy it and we the people should be the ones to cull out the insurrectionists and uneducated.

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