BBC Predicted in 1968 Microchipping, World Government Control of All Information

Fact checked
BBC predicted microchipping and global government in 1960's show

A 1968 BBC show eerily predicted that in the future humans would become a microchipped slave population who are brainwashed and controlled by the mainstream media.

The final live teleplay from BBC2’s Thirty-Minute Theatre (1965-73) was called The News-Benders, and it aired in 1968. reports: With its themes of extreme surveillance and television as tools to control the masses, this drama echoes Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four and refers to a ‘Ministry of Morality’, which has a name similar to Orwell’s ministries of Truth, Love and Plenty.

Whereas Orwell’s novel depicts an overtly oppressed Britain, The News-Benders suggests that in 1968 similar control could be achieved invisibly via manipulation of the media.