The Secret Benefactors Of The NYSE ‘Glitch’

Fact checked

Following Wednesday’s “glitch” on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and the grounding of United Airlines flight due to a “computer malfunction” around the same time, cybersecurity firms have seen an increase of 15% in their stock price. 

Whilst officials and mainstream media outlets shied away from referring to the ‘glitches’ as cyberattacks (which many suspect they actually are), could the attacks have originated from the very same security firms that will end up protecting us from these types of attacks in the future? reports:

Is it all a coincidence? Could be. But I find it very interesting that all of these so-called computer glitches are popping up at almost the exact same time…

And if you want to know what most people really think happened, just follow the money. While most stocks absorbed severe beatings yesterday, one small niche related to these strange computer-glitches stuck out.

I’m talking about those pesky cybersecurity stocks.


Official cyber attack or not, smart investors know the perils of the digital world—and the increasing brazen attacks on our digital infrastructure.

Last month I told you how hackers got the personal information of up to a million former federal employees. And some investors still haven’t figured out that cybersecurity is quickly becoming one of the most profitable trades we’ll see this decade.

Here’s what I wrote last month: “Listen, your data isn’t just limited to your hard drive. It’s floating around everywhere–through distant servers and the cloud. So it’s not a question of if your data is stolen… but when. And private corporations and the government are quickly realizing that current security measures simply aren’t cutting the mustard.”

Any way you slice it, these breaches and glitches are really piling up. Goldman Sachs counts 17 high-profile cybersecurity breaches over the past 12 months alone. No wonder the PureFunds ISE Cyber Security ETF is up nearly 15% year-to-date while the major averages are in the red…

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