French President Closes Borders, Declares State Of Emergency

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state of emergency

French president Francois Hollande has declared a state of emergency in France and said he is closing all borders.

He has called on the people to stay “united and calm.”

“There is much to fear, but we must face these fears as a nation that knows how to muster its forces and will confront the terrorists,” he said.

French media are reporting that the Bataclan concert hall is being stormed by police while there are hostages still inside.

* Update: Reports that two of the terrorists have been killed during the police raid.

The exact number of people taken hostage remains unclear, with media reports ranging from 60 to 100 people.

Hollande has also ordered the French military to deploy reinforcements in the French capital.

The situation on the ground is still developing, but multiple media outlets have reported that up to 60 people have been killed

It is understood that around 15 people have been killed in the Bataclan theater, where the Eagles of Death Metal were scheduled to play and where 100 hostages are being held

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