Pesticide Poisoning A Family Gone In Just Two Weeks Sensational Tests Show

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You may not think it’s news that pesticide poisoning pollutes our bodies. What is shocking news is that researchers in Sweden have proved that it is possible to rid the body of all traces of these modern poisons in just two weeks.

Tests show that pesticides poisoning a family were gone in the time a typical family might spend on their annual vacation.

We reported a few days ago about the startling discoveries in new studies on the level of pesticide in the air we breathe and the water we drink, as well as the poisons sitting in the sediments of rivers and on farm land. With such high levels of pesticide in the eco-system, there is a compelling argument to spend a little more on a family food budget which, if not the whole nine yards, is close to going organic.

When you see organic on the vegetable or milk you buy, it means the farmer has invested in a growing technique which as eradicated all traces of pesticide from the soil he grows his crops in or the cows who provide his milk. In addition, the animals will not have been pumped full of mainly unnecessary antibiotics.

One other major advantage of organic is it is opposed to the use of GM – genetically modified – seeds or any other aspect of GM.

Watch the 2 minute video above to see the astonishing effect of a pesticide-free two weeks on one family!

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