Pesticides in air and water pose shocking threat to health

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Shocking new evidence has found that pesticides in the air we breathe and the water we drink pose a serious threat to our health.

Round Up chemicals were prevalent in the samples tested in a comparative study spanning a decade, but so were 37 other toxic compounds – all present in both rain and air samples. Glyphosate, the active ingredient in Round-Up,  was found in 86% of air samples, and 77% of rain samples.

Seven compounds in 1995 and five in 2007 were detected in more than 50% of both air and rain samples. Cancer-causing chemicals atrazine, metolachlor, and propanil were detected in more than 50% of the air and rain samples in both years.

This means that our bodies have been under fire with biotech toxins, not just in the food we eat, but in the air we breathe, and the water we drink, for more than a decade.

The longer the period of exposure we are subjected to, you can bet the more diseases will crop up.

A further study has discovered that freshwater sources worldwide are so heavily contaminated by pesticides that 80 percent of sediment tested at levels that exceed the maximums set by government regulators.

In the United States, European Union, and many other countries, the process of granting government approval to a pesticide involves setting a “regulatory threshold level” (RTL) for that chemical’s concentration in the environment. Theoretically, the RTL is the level at which a chemical will not cause detrimental effects, although in practice, some chemicals are toxic even at their RTL. The RTL is based on laboratory tests of the pesticide’s toxicity.

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