Link between vaccination and autism denied in Big Pharma tests

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Despite independent studies saying otherwise the link between vaccination and autism is repeatedly denied in Big Pharma tests.

There are damned lies, lies, statistics and official studies. There is a similar pattern in the way research is conducted and presented by industries who have a lot to lose if public opinion were to swing against them.

And that includes Big Pharma, the multi-billi0n dollar industry who are supposed to be there for the public good and to protect our health.

It was a similar pattern in the telecoms industry with mobile phone tests for the damage microwaves do to the brain. The danger was denied for years until more independent studies were done which found conclusively that prolonged use of mobile phones can cause brain cancer.

This was hotly disputed by the manufacturers of mobile phones who published their own studies which contradicted independent reports. If you ask any mobile phone researcher to answer a mobile phone call by holding a phone to their ear, chance are they won’t.

The same pole-opposite difference of opinion has been found with studies into the effect of GMO plants and systemic pesticides and their impact on the health of bees and other vital pollinators like butterflies. Insecticide manufacturers say there is no connection, every independent study says there is.

It is an undeniable fact that not a single independent study has ever concluded that vaccines are completely safe and effective. The only ones to make such a claim are a direct product of industry sleight of hand – pseudoscience propaganda meant to create the illusion that vaccine safety is fully vested when the exact opposite is actually the case.

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