U.S. Using Terrorism To Topple Governments

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U.S. Using Terrorism To Topple Governments

The U.S. are using terrorist groups to conduct regime change according to Mike Harris editor of the Veterans Today online journal.

The idea was first broached by Wesley Clark, a former presidential candidate and retired US Army general, who said in 2007 that wars were planned to ‘take out’ 7 countries in 5 years…

He told Press TV:

“They’re running late, but they’re still on track” to oust more governments after destroying Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan and leaving “a wreckage every place they have invaded,” Harris said on Saturday.

“The US toppled the government in Ukraine and is trying to topple the government in Syria,” he said.

According to the political expert, it is becoming obvious to the entire world that the US is sponsoring Daesh terrorists.

“The US has decided to use terror in order to get things done around the world. The US is providing material support for terrorists and they are state sponsor of terrorism,” he said. terrorists

“They’re using al-Nusra Front, ISIS (Daesh) group really as a proxy army. They’re arming it, they’re feeding it, they’re clothing it and they’re providing them with armaments and ordnance,” he added.

Harris said Russia and Iran have had enough of US adventurism in the world especially in the Middle East and hence they are helping the Syrian government fight terrorists.

The two countries are “the only ones who have really the backbone to stand up and tell the US ‘no, we’re not going to allow you topple any more duly-elected governments’.” he added.

On Friday, the State Duma ratified an agreement with Damascus, allowing Russian troops to stay indefinitely in Syria.


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