Blue Fireball Seen Over Denmark Might Be ‘Halloween Asteroid’

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'Halloween Asteroid' spotted over the skies of Denmark on Saturday night

A large blue ‘fireball’ was reported over the skies of Denmark on Saturday night that may have been evidence of the ‘Halloween Asteroid’ passing by the earth.

Among the numerous reports from members of the public who say they saw the strange bright object in the sky for a few seconds, two pilots also came forward saying they saw the incident clearly during a flight over Denmark. has collected numerous reports of the sightings from Saturday night (note: translated from original Danish)

Professor and astrophysicist Johan Fynbo explains to Ekstra Bladet that there is a remarkably large meteor.

Also Ekatrabladet readers on earth got himself a wild surprise:

– We were going home on the highway at Herfølge, when I look out of the car and can see that the car is light blue up. My buddy looking out to the same side and saw a streak down the sky, then a blue-green stripe running after it, says Patrick Sehrn-Nielsen to Ekstra Bladet.

Giant blue fireball object spotted in the skies in Denmark, may possibly be the Halloween Asteroid

– It looked for sick out. It was totally fucked up. It looked like a shooting star that was really far down, just incredible many times powerful, says Patrick Sehrn-Nielsen.

Another reader wrote in an email:

– Just about 19:06 there was a blue light on the horizon in Amager. It was only a few seconds, I could see it. The way it looked on, compares little with a shooting star – it was just much larger and glowed blue – and considerably closer. The direction was towards the airport, where I often see planes taking off and landing. It looked very strange out and gave a gip in the body, so to speak, the reader writes.

Other readers describe that light had a greenish color.

– I sit and eat dinner, northwest of Odense, look happen out of the window and up at the sky, I see this green beautiful light, in the second I look at it, it flies away in a split second. I have seen many stars in my life before, but I’ve never seen something like this here.

Halloween comet

The flash can be connected to the comet ‘the great pumpkin’ or NASA’s official name in 2015 TB145, on Saturday evening at 19:01 passed Earth at a distance of 486,000 kilometers.

The comet flew with 126.000 km / h or 35 kilometers per second as it roared past.

– Although it is relatively close by astronomical standards, it is expected to be quite weak, so observers will need at least a small telescope to see it, said Paul Chodas of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory earlier today.

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