Trump-Hating Madonna Sings About ‘Assassination’ in Front of Her Kids

Fact checked
Madonna sings about assassination in front of her children

Madonna posted a video on Instagram Thursday singing about assassination in front of her children.

The Trump-hating singer changed the lyrics to her song “Holiday” and sang about assassination in front of her four kids.

It wasn’t too long ago that Madonna was boasting about blowing up the White House. reports: Everything she has said about the President Trump like “blowing up the White House” coupled with apparently the buzzword of the week since Joe Biden mentioned it, is just strange.


  1. She’s the only liberal skank that kept her word and moved to Canada after the 2016 election.

    O Canada!

  2. Madonna is a well known and self admitted Kabalist. The Kabala is a jewish religious book whose primary purpose is demonology and becoming “like a god”. The material for the Kabala comes from the knowledge learned in Babylon when nimrod was building the tower of Babel, with a lot of the knowledge actually being pre-flood. When the sons of god (angels) fell and took wives of the daughter of men (genesis 6:1-4 kjv), they taught men to make weapons of war and taught women to wear makeup to encourage fornication. They also taught men the “sciences” of demonology. Just like when the serpent told Eve if they ate the fruit of the forbidden tree they would become like gods, Satan (one of the fallen angels) is still deceiving us with the same nonsense. Whether your a buddist, kabalists, hindu, a follower of Zoraster, a freemason, the people at the top of these organizations are always trying to become god like themselves. This knowledge is reserved for the elite of the branch of the mystery religion they are apart of, the small level members of these religions are kept out of the loop, as the knowledge is only for the enlightened, as their power lies in the fact they “know” things. They seek “enlightenment”, unfortunately Lucifer appears as an angel of light, and has deceived many people with the mystery religions he created.

  3. When you know you are going straight to hell after your 70-80 years on this rock are up you just want to see the world burn before you go.

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