Study Claims Indonesian ‘Hobbits’ Were Not Homo Sapiens

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Study Claims Indonesian 'Hobbits' Were Not Human

Scientists studying the remains of a human-like species nicknamed the “hobbits“, say that they were not Home sapiens.

The mysterious human-like species died out on the Indonesian island of Flores over 15,000 years ago. They were mamed Homo floresiensis, after the island  where thier skeletal remains were found, the species has also been dubbed ‘hobbit,’ after the tiny creatures from the ‘Lord of the Rings’

The Independent reports:

Fossils of Homo floresiensis, with adults only one meter tall, were discovered on the island in 2003, and controversy has raged ever since as to whether they are an unknown branch of early humans or specimens of modern man deformed by disease.hobbits

Weighing in with a new approach, published in the Journal of Human Evolution, two scientists in France used high-tech tools to re-examine the layers of the “hobbit” skull.hobbits

The results show that they were definitely not Home sapiens. But their origin remains a mystery.hobbits

The scientists could neither exclude the possibility they were a scaled-down version of Homo erectus, which arrived on neighboring Java one million years ago, nor could they be sure H floresiensis was not a species in its own right.hobbits

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