Russia Seizes US-Funded ‘Human-Engineered’ Avian Flu Samples From Ukrainian Biolabs

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Biden regime resumes biolabs program in Ukraine

The United States is collaborating with Ukraine to conduct gain-of-function research and develop deadly bioweapons capable of unleashing another global pandemic, according to Russian military sources who seized evidence of “human-engineered” avian flu samples from Ukrainian biolaboratories last week.

The Biden administration is not only funding Kiev with hundreds of billions of dollars, while covertly controlling offensive battle-front operations through the deployment of CIA and intelligence operatives, but according to Russian military sources, they US is developing biological weapons on Ukrainian territory to counter the Russian forces.

Lt. Gen. Igor Kirillov, the head of the radiation, chemical and biological defense troops of the Russian armed forces told Sputnik that the discovery of “human-engineered” avian flu samples is being considered as a “major escalation” by Russia.

“This once again confirms that the United States is developing biological weapons components outside of national jurisdiction, including on the territory of Ukraine,” he said.

According to Sputnik, Kirillov also confirmed that the Defence Ministry have seized documents from the Askaniya-Nova Biosphere Reserve laboratory, which confirms that Pentagon is working on launching biological projects in Ukraine.

“Documents seized from a veterinary laboratory of the reserve confirm the involvement of the Kharkiv Institute in the work within the framework of the US projects Yu-Pi-8, Pi-444 and preparation for the implementation of the Flu-Fly-Way project,” he asserted during the Friday press conference.

The official mentioned that one of the projects allegedly deals with the evaluation of conditions under which transmission of dangerous pathogens can take place. These pathogens allegedly have the potential to cause economic damage and create food security risks. 

While discussing the two nemeses working on the transmission of Pathogens in Russia, Kirillov stated that the rise of bird flu in the country can be part of the so-called plan.

“Against this background, we are especially concerned about an increase in the incidence of bird flu in Russia and in European countries, where, according to the International Epizootics Bureau, the disease has acquired a year-round character, and losses from it since 2021 have exceeded 3 billion euros,” Kirillov told the media.

The Russian official also alleged that these mass deaths in the country coincided with biological experiments that were taking place in Ukraine. 

The revelations came days after Russia signed an agreement with Belarus that formalized the deployment of Russian tactical nuclear weapons to Belarusian territory. 

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