New Orleans Mardi Gras Float Depicts Hillary Clinton Strangling Jeffrey Epstein

Fact checked

A Mardi Gras float has indicated that Jeffrey Epstein didn’t kill himself, and even depicted his possible killer: Hillary Clinton.

The float featured Hillary Clinton in her trademark pastel pantsuit, with her hands around the neck of convicted pedophile and Clinton family friend Jeffrey Epstein.

The American Mirror reports: The float shows “Epstein” in an orange jumpsuit with a blond-haired woman resembling Clinton standing behind him holding something around his neck in the New Orleans parade.

“I’m as innocent as OJ,” it read on the side of the vehicle, referring to OJ Simpson.

Reveler Paul Blair reports that wasn’t the only political float.

I also loved this anti-Communist float from Mardi Gras last night, which made fun of the Green New Deal, Medicare for All, and pretty much all Democrat “free” government plans and ideas,” he tweeted.

He noted it appears Bernie Sanders is driving the bus.

There was also float depicting House Speaker Nancy Pelosi….along with her two articles of impeachment.

Sadly New Orleans officials have been forced to ban all tandem floats for the remainder of the 2020 Mardi Gras season in response to two tragic deaths

According to the Mail Online: A man was struck and killed Saturday by a parade float after slipping on a pair of beads during the annual Mardi Gras festival in New Orleans, a witness said.

This is the second float-related death in four days after a woman was killed on Wednesday in a similar fashion.

Authorities have not released the identity of the man, but the shocking incident happened during the Krewe of Endymion’s parade as they rolled down Canal Street.

Krewe of Endymion, a Mardi Gras ‘superkrewe’ that hosts a popular parade every year, was en route to the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center when the man was struck around 8pm.


  1. I dont think OJ did kill rhe ex wife and the guy she was seeing .How could anyone standing out on a street kill two people withpit the neighbours hearing any nouse ? Why didnt the guy punch him or kick him or why didnt Nicile scratch him or somethong or scream for help or yell murder murder ? And why are the media so determined to make everyone believe he did it ? WHY ?Its like when LaToya was on the view talkung about how Micharl was murdered and Whoopi shutting her ip to not say the bames of the murderers and then Joy telling everyone to trust the law to sort it out and the look on LaToyas face .Like yeah right sure whatever .Wverythungs like that Everything

    • Dude, OJ ADMITTED HE KILLED HIS WIFE. After he was acqitted and lost everything he owned in a wrongful death suit, he admitted it. Look it up. You must be the only person on the planet who still thinks OJ is innocent.

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