Update: Arsonists Partially to Blame for Bushfires Alongside Climate Change

Fact checked
Australian authorities blame arsonists for bushfires, not climate change

Correction: An earlier version of this article incorrectly stated that climate change did not contribute to the bushfires in Australia. Climate change did play a role in making the fires more extreme. It should be noted that the source of ignition for each fire is not relevant to understanding whether climate change contributed to their magnitude.

As Climate Feedback notes:

The current fires in Australia are not so extreme because fires were sparked, but because 2019 was the hottest and driest year on record, with dry and windy weather patterns in place as the fires burned.

We have therefore updated the headline and retracted the original story.


  1. Not every one is stupid!. Don’t put it on the arsonist. This operation for destruction was planed and conducted by the elite with control over the government and the military who used directed energy weapon to start the fire. The ground, trees and buildings have been sprayed for years to dry and saturate it with aluminum, barium, strontium the main ingredients of a “sparkler”. This same operation has been used else where such as in Paradise, California where they killed 10’s of thousand people in the fire.

  2. Greta
    Thunberg is the person to blame for the Australian bushfires by inciting
    climate activists to light fires – it is ARSON and NOT Climate Change

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