Theresa May’s Cleavage Sparks Debate On Budget Day

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Theresa May

The dress worn by Home Secretary Theresa May during the 2016 budget in Parliament on Wednesday has caused a debate.

Observers of George Osborne’s 2016 budget were distracted by the appearance of the Home Secretary sitting next to the Chancellor in a cleavage-boosting red outfit.

The Mirror reports:

As George Osborne ploughed through the budget, delivering a string of figures about the economy’s growth, it is hardly suprising some minds started to wander.

And when Mrs May was wearing a striking red dress right next to him it was hardly surprising she caught the eye.Theresa May

People following the budget at home said they missed crucial updates from the Chancellor because of Mrs May.

Adam Lowes tweeted: “Theresa May not have realised her Right Honorables were on view for the nation to see.”

Chris Budd posted: “Tax relief on financial advice. 22000 advisers sit forward eagerly and stare at the screen, trying to ignore Theresa May’s cleavage.”Theresa May

And in one particularly awkward photo a trick of the camera made it looks as though even Mr Osborne was finding out what the fuss was about.
Theresa May

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