Pope Francis Invites Muslim To Perform At Vatican Christmas Concert

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Pope Francis invites Islamist to perform at Vatican Christmas event

Pope Francis has become the first Pope to invite a Muslim to the Vatican to perform at the Catholic Church’s annual Christmas concert. 

Hussain Al Jassmi is the UN Goodwill Ambassador and the Ambassador of Creativity and Ambassador for Arab Culture in the UAE.

Rt.com reports: “I have always been pleased to contribute to charitable work in order to create an environment conducive to a dignified life, respect, equality and peace, the values that we have grown on and inherited from the late Shaikh Zayed,” Al Jassmi said of the announcement.

He will perform alongside Italian pop/soul singer Alessandra Amoroso, American pop star Anastacia, Puerto Rican musician Jose Feliciano, and American jazz legend Dee Dee Bridgewater among others at the concert in the Vatican’s Paul VI Audience Hall on Saturday December 15, all will be accompanied by the Grand Orchestra under the direction of Maestro Renato Serio.

Proceeds from the concert will go towards charitable and humanitarian causes that help refugees from Kurdistan’s capital Erbil in Iraq to those seeking shelter in Uganda through Scholas Occurrentes, a charitable foundation that was founded by Pope Francis.


  1. why do catholicks continue to follow this religion.
    its clear the pope has a hardon for islam
    see how the acts if you catholicks drop his religion for something more european, like paganism.

    • They say the Catholics created Islam because they wanted the Muslims to conquer Jerusalem and give it to the Catholic Church for their support. Once the Muslims took Jerusalem, they told the Catholics no dice and the Christian crusades began. Truth or fiction, feels more real than the official versions

  2. One world religion, one world government, one world king. Its so easy to see them working towards their goals when the blinders leave your eyes

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