WEF Unveils AI Smart Tech To ‘Ethically’ Eliminate Non-Compliant Humans

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The World Economic Forum has ordered infiltrated world governments to pass new laws that will ensure Artificial Intelligence (AI) will be used to destroy all freedoms and clamp down on anti-globalist dissent.

The World Economic Forum has ordered infiltrated world governments to pass new laws that will ensure Artificial Intelligence (AI) will be used to destroy all freedoms and clamp down on anti-globalist dissent.

According to Klaus Schwab’s right-hand-man Noah Yuval Harari, the WEF now commands the technology to become the “worst totalitarian regime in history” and completely eliminate every last human in the world who opposes the globalist agenda of the elite.

As Harari explains, the elite will view the disposal of non-compliant humans in the same way they view recycling – it’s ethical and vital for the survival of our planet.

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Yuval Noah Harari has emerged from the shadows to brag about the new technology developed by WEF scientists which he warns has the power to destroy every human in the world by transforming them into transhuman entities.

Harari has made clear who will survive the great depopulation event the elite have been warning us about for years.

According to Harari, the global elite will survive thanks to a “technological Noah’s ark” while the rest of us will be left to perish.

In this vastly depopulated world, the elite will be free to change themselves into transhuman entities and become the gods they already believe themselves to be.

But first the elite need to eliminate the non-compliant masses, those who are opposed to the anti-life and godless WEF agenda, and as Harari boasts, the elite now command the AI technology to “ethically” destroy non-compliant humans by hijacking their brains.

Disturbingly, Harari’s claims are grounded in reality and the WEF is rolling out the mind-control technology as we speak. Davos claims the tech can transform criminals, including those accused of thought crimes, into perfectly compliant globalist citizens who will never dissent again.

Clearly, the globalist elite have earmarked these times to usher in the long-threatened New World Order with its false promises of godlessness, depopulation and eugenics.

Wait until you see what Harari’s threat to “ethically” destroy the human race looks like in reality.

The elite have long warned that they intend to become gods and wield the power of creation and destruction over the human race, and now they are making their move.

According to the globalists, neurotransmitters and hormones will be induced to control the physical reality of those accused of thought crimes and dissent.

Remember Harari’s threat to connect the brains of non-compliant humans into one giant “inter-brain net” so the elite can better understand and control the minds of those who dissent? He wasn’t exaggerating. This is exactly what they are planning to do.

So there you have it. Forget to use someone’s preferred pronouns or vote for Donald Trump and the WEF could have you fixed up and back in step faster than you can say “I do not consent”

Harari is convinced the elite have now broken the human spirit and we will accept our fate as victims and slaves of the techno-communist elite.

The globalists have already hacked the human body to provide so-called health care with the mass roll out of the mRNA vaccines, more accurately described as gene editing therapy.

Make no mistake, the elite have no respect for humanity and they are not finished hacking the human body. According to Harari, it will be the defining equation of life in the 21st century.

These tyrants have now become arrogant and sure of their own success. They are no longer hiding in the shadows and pulling puppet strings from behind curtains.

But thanks to people like yourself, the masses are beginning to wake up to reality.

Prosecutors are preparing charges against the Covid cabal. These charges cannot come soon enough. We the people are impatient for justice to be served. Wanted posters have begun appearing in Europe demanding the arrest of Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab, Anthony Fauci and other globalist luminaries for “crimes against humanity.”

But there is much more work to be done.

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