Moderna CEO Caught Admitting ‘Covid Was an Inside Job’ to Inner Circle

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Moderna CEO Stéphane Bancel has been caught admitting to his friends at the World Economic Forum that his company produced 100,000 doses of Covid-19 vaccine doses in 2019 - before the pandemic started.

Moderna CEO Stéphane Bancel has been caught admitting to his friends at the World Economic Forum that his company produced 100,000 doses of Covid-19 vaccine doses in 2019 – before the pandemic started.

While that revelation was shocking enough, Bancel was just getting started.

In the revealing footage from the World Economic Forum, Bancel also let slip that he had foreknowledge of a little something called the Covid pandemic. Make no mistake, this is proof, from the horse’s mouth, that Moderna and the Big Pharma cartel were complicit in planning the pandemic so they could push the global elite’s depopulation drug on the masses.

According to Bancel, he shocked his staff in 2019 by telling them that production of the mystery vaccine they had been working on would need to increase to a billion doses in the next year because, and I quote, “there is going to be a pandemic.”


Increasing production from 100,000 to a billion was one hell of a bet from the Moderna CEO. But then, it’s always a good bet when you know what’s going to happen.

While Pfizer has been hogging the limelight of late, thanks to the undercover journalism of Project Veritas, the story of Moderna and their Covid response is actually far more revealing about the real origins of Covid-19.

Conclusive evidence that we have not been told the truth about the origins of Covid emerged when scientists found genetic material patented by Moderna in 2016 in the virus’s spike protein.

The team of international researchers identified a tiny snippet of code in the Covid virus that is identical to part of a gene patented by Moderna a whole three years before the pandemic began. 

According to researchers, there is a one-in-three-trillion chance of this “coincidence” occurring naturally.

The Moderna-patented genetic code was discovered in SARS-CoV-2’s unique furin cleavage site, the part that makes it so effective at infecting people and separates it from other coronaviruses.

Records show Moderna filed the patent for the genetic code in February 2016, years before Covid-19 was discovered, as part of its cancer research division.

Stéphane Bancel squirmed like a rat when he was put on the spot on Fox Business and asked to explain why genetic material patented by Moderna in 2016 is present in the Covid-19 virus’s spike protein.

Fox host Maria Bartiromo asked Bancel to explain how “a tiny chunk of DNA that matches sequence patended by Moderna three years before the pandemic began?

Listen carefully to Bancel’s answer. Or should I say non-answer. He simply has no possible excuse for why his company patented a tiny chunk of genetic code later found in a virus that supposedly did not exist in 2016.

You can clearly see that Maria Bartiromo knows something is wrong, very wrong, with this information, but she isn’t quite willing to swallow the red pill.

Which is understandable, because it would be a life changing decision for her. It would certainly spell the end of her career in mainstream media, for one.

But for anybody who isn’t controlled by a mainstream media corporation, the decision is obvious. You can take the blue pill, and attempt to convince yourself that it’s just a massive coincidence, a one-in-three-trillion coincidence, and go on with your life, living in blissful ignorance.

Or you can take the red pill and accept that they were prepared for the pandemic with their mRNA vaccine technology in advance… and that they knew the effect their vaccines would have on humanity.

For the record, numerous studies have shown a clear link between Moderna’s Covid vaccine and the litany of heart-related complications that are on the increase around the world. Young and healthy people are suddenly dying of heart-related causes at an unprecedented rate.

Which makes it very interesting that Moderna CEO Stéphane Bancel told Sky News Business Australia about his new mRNA injectable that will “grow back new blood vessels and revascularize the heart.”

Describing the mRNA injections as “therapy” and “science fiction medicine,” Bancel touted the developments as “super exciting,” before acknowledging the jab will “inject mRNA in people’s heart[s].”

Oh gee, what could possibly go wrong?

As the interviewer pointed out, it is worth keeping in mind that Moderna did not have a single product bought to market before the elites gave them free reign with the Covid-19 vaccine. All of their previous products were deemed too dangerous for human trials.

Which makes some of Bill Gates’ recent statements even more disturbing. According to Gates, who was interviewed on British TV, normal human safety trials were compromised.

These really are experimental vaccines, folks.

But should we really be surprised? After all, Dr. Anthony Fauci, who also made an absolute fortune out of the pandemic, also seemed to know all the details in advance, including the timeline.

They were all in on the greatest crime against humanity we have ever seen. There is more than enough evidence out there. People just would prefer not to see. They are choosing to take the blue pill. But more and more people are beginning to wake up as the evidence becomes overwhelming.

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