Kendrick Lamar: I Was Abducted By Aliens As A Child

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Kendrick Lamar has revealed that he was "abducted by aliens" when he was young and he was given "special energy" he used to rise to the top.

Kendrick Lamar has revealed that he was “abducted by aliens” when he was 6-years-old and that the aliens gave him a “special energy” he used to rise to the top of the music industry. 

In an extensive interview with Howard Stern on SiriusXM, the Grammy award winning rapper said that he was visited by aliens when he was just six.

Nobody believed me then and they don’t believe me now,” Lamar said.

It’s just something I can’t really describe, because it just sounds like,’Okay, you just seen a dart go past. That s–t don’t make sense.'”

Howard Stern then asked Lamar if he was abducted by aliens and he replied in the affirmative.

The 30-year-old from Compton, California, also explained that the alien abduction was part of the reason he has become the hugely successful musician that he is today.

That’s probably why I’m doing music right now,” Lamar said.

They probably gave me the special energy.”

The rapper refused to provide detail about the aliens he says abducted him, or the nature of their special energy.

Kendrick Lamar’s career has gone parabolic in recent years, and he was recently nominated for seven Grammy awards after an exceptional 2017, with the release of his album DAMN, the follow up to the hugely popular To Pimp A Butterfly.

Lamar is not the first successful rapper to claim a link with aliens.

Doctors who treated Kanye West at the UCLA Medical Center say that the pop star thinks he is an alien sent to Earth to help humanity.

According to the new issue of Life & Style magazine, Kanye West told doctors and medical staff that he was a “starseed” sent on a mission to help Earth.

NASA is scheduled to hold a press conference on Thursday at 1pm EST to share about a new discovery found by the Kepler space telescope.

The groundbreaking telescope has been looking for possible alien life since 2009.

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