President Putin: Zuckerberg’s Metaverse Is ‘Den of Elite Pedophiles’ Who Rape Children

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President Putin warns Zuckerberg's Metaverse is a den of pedophilia and satanism

Mark Zuckerberg’s ‘Metaverse’ is populated by “thousands of pedophiles” who are waiting to prey on millions of innocent children, according to Russian President Vladimir Putin who claims the new virtual reality world is a front for the elite to commit their heinous crimes on kids without any recursions.

The Putin administration is taking the issue so seriously that regulators in Russia are looking into restricting the ‘Metaverse.’

The Scientific Technical Center of Roskomnadzor released a report on Wednesday, warning of the disturbing threat that the far-left Silicon Valley’s virtual reality universe poses to humanity. reports: The term “metaverse,” which comes out of science fiction, refers to 3D virtual worlds focused on human social connection, and it has increasingly been the focus of tech companies, including the US company Facebook, which recently rebranded as Meta.

According to the report, the metaverse could lend itself to illegal transactions conducted in cryptocurrency, including trade between people of different nationalities that could violate border regulations. The authors claim that virtual spaces would be ripe for drug dealing or trafficking of other banned substances.

The report also cites concerns about the consequences that virtual interaction has for human behavior. The authors write, “The transformation of perception on account of being located in the metaverse will have a meaningful cultural effect on society and will change social behavior, including reducing the importance of moral and ethical norms due to the use of a virtual avatar.” They warn that this could particularly affect children, “the most vulnerable group in the new metaverse.”

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