Hollywood Celebs Melt Down Over ‘Fascist’ Trump Squashing ‘Protests’

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Hollywood celebrities melt down over Trump squashing the riots across America

As a fourth night of violence broke out across America, Hollywood celebrities took to Twitter to express their outrage over President Trump’s use of National Guard troops to crack down on the domestic terrorists in DC, and described his vow to take control in other cities if Democratic governors do not as “fascist.”

In addition to the growing lawlessness, footage emerged yesterday of so-called ‘peaceful protestors’ running through police lines in cars, severely injuring officers.


Summit.news reports: This activity is literally out of the ISIS playbook, yet Hollywood virtue signalling leftists are outraged at the guard, the police and Trump:

Trump walked to St. John’s Episcopal Church, which has been damaged by rioters setting a fire, and was photographed in front of it holding a bible. According to reports, ‘protesters’ in the area were told to leave three times, before the area was forcibly cleared by police.

Leftists reacted by declaring that Trump ‘used the military against Americans’ for a photo op:


The award for most idiotic tweet goes to Bette Midler:

Democrats and fake media seized on the frothing nonsense:

Others accused Trump of trying to cause more chaos, and dismissed the notion that ANTIFA is coordinating violence:

Others compared Trump and other officials walking past lines of police and national guard to ‘Hitler inspecting his troops’:

One wonders how vocal these celebrities would be about ‘peaceful protesters’ if they were outside their luxury mansions smashing down the gates and setting fires while they were still inside.

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