Joe Rogan: Project Veritas Has Proved ‘CNN Is Propaganda’

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Joe Rogan points out that CNN is proven to be propaganda

Podcast host Joe Rogan credited Project Veritas with proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that CNN is the propaganda arm of the Democratic Party.

Talking with stand-up comedian Dave Smith during a recent podcast, Rogan discussed the recent Veritas exposé on CNN Technical Director Charlie Chester.

The hidden-camera footage was captured by a woman who went on a date with the CNN executive. reports: “The crazy thing is they catch him on Tinder dates,” Rogan explained. “So, they hire this… she must have been hot. Hot girls will get you to talk. So, he’s got this hot girl and he’s telling her how they do propaganda, how they basically would accentuate anything that was wrong with Trump. They would talk about – they completely underplay anything that’s wrong with Biden.”

At this point, Smith chimed in, noting, “Which is to be fair pretty obvious to anyone who just has an open mind and watches CNN. But, to hear him say it still was powerful.”

“And the fact that he said they’re now going to do it for climate change,” Rogan added.

“And that push is already started,” Smith said before daydreaming a funny scenario. “Can you imagine just like, if you were like the head of CNN and you have to give a meeting in the morning and you’re like, ‘All right, so one more time guys. If a hot chick takes you out to the bar and asks you to tell her about how we’re propaganda, that’s James O’Keefe, so please just don’t start babbling about how we do propaganda.’”

Reflecting on the damage that could have been done to CNN’s reputation, Rogan told Smith, “Imagine if someone heard you say this. Imagine what kind of repercussions it would have on the business.”

In a normal society, Rogan would be completely correct.

However, in 2021, even a top media outlet employee admitting the company engages in propaganda is not enough to convince viewers to turn the channel.


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