North Carolina City Unanimously Votes For Reparations For Black Residents

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North Carolina

The city of Asheville, North Carolina has unanimously voted to grant reparations to the city’s black residents and their descendants via ‘investments in areas where black residents face disparities,’ according to the Citizen Times.

Hundreds of years of black blood spilled that basically fills the cup we drink from today,” said Councilman Keith Young, one of two black members of the City Council, which voted 7-0 on Tuesday night to approve the reparations.

It is simply not enough to remove statutes. Black people in this country are dealing with issues that are systemic in nature,” Young added.

The resolution calls on the city to create the Community Reparations Commission, inviting community groups and other local governments to join. It will be the commission’s job to make concrete recommendations for programs and resources to be used.

Councilwoman Sheneika Smith, who is Black, said the council had gotten emails from those “asking, ‘Why should we pay for what happened during slavery?'”

“(Slavery) is this institution that serves as the starting point for the building of the strong economic floor for white America, while attempting to keep Blacks subordinate forever to its progress,” said Smith. –Citizen Times

The resolution begins:

WHEREAS, Black People have been unjustly Enslaved; and

WHEREAS, Black People have been unjustly Segregated; and

WHEREAS, Black people have been unjustly Incarcerated; and

WHEREAS, Black people have been denied housing through racist practices in the private realty market, including redlining, steering, blockbusting, denial of mortgages, and gentrification.

“The resulting budgetary and programmatic priorities may include but not be limited to increasing minority home ownership and access to other affordable housing, increasing minority business ownership and career opportunities, strategies to grow equity and generational wealth, closing the gaps in health care, education, employment and pay, neighborhood safety and fairness within criminal justice,” the resolution continues.

Read the rest of the report here.

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Baxter Dmitry

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  1. This is the straw that will break the camel’s back. So what sort of reparation are the blacks willing to pay to the ancestors of the white soldiers who DIED FIGHTING FOR THE FREEDOM OF BLACKS? Huh?

    • Agreed – and don’t forget all the WHITE SLAVES who also need reparations. The first slaves to come to America were white. They were Irish, German and Portugese etc. Great series on You Tube “white slavery” 4 parts IIRC Alot of Irish were slaves. Alot of us Irish fought for slaves to be freed in Civil War, I think it was 100,000 fought. There are your reparations! Now, where are MY reparations for my Irish ancestors who were slaves???

      • Yessir…my late Mom was born into Depression-era sharecropping in GA. She described the house they lived in as having wooden siding with gaps “big enough to throw a cat through”. Gimme gimme gimme lol.

      • Were all still slaves ,we just don’t see our chains. Materialism is slavery. Its more economical ,they learned to make the slaves pay for their own housing ,buy their own clothes , food ,healthcare ,education and raise their own families, than for the master to do it .Each nuclear family in its own little house, on its own plot, and all of the duplication creates maximised profits under corporate laws dictates. Communism is only good for the master who gets slaves who own nothing but work for everything .

  2. I used to go to Asheville alot before it was ruined, that was around 5 yrs ago. There were NO blacks there. It’s a very white, liberal city which used to be a wonderful place until they went lib crazy and hiked up prices for everything hugely. If there are any blacks in Asheville, they are probably university professors. There are a couple on city council and they have set it up so that THEY will be receiving the reparations forever and will dole them out to deserving blacks. It’s a criminal heist.

    • Academics do not know how to create industry and produce nothing. They are a social menace, as they pass off theory as fact and mislead impressionable minds.

      • Yes they’re generally idealist not pragmatists and they’re usually slaves to fashions changing attitudes of political correctness.

    • To their families And all set up by the Democrats too Slavery existed all over the world for centuries and the jews fled slavery from Egypt too ,and Europeans were enslaved in rome , persia ,everywhere just as much . The reparations won’t free them. They dont understand the nature of money Every dollar is a debt dollar ,the more you have the greater your debt . They don’t understand how deceitful the world is .

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