Rose McGowan: ‘Democrats Are In a Deep Cult’

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Actress Rose McGowan denounces the Democratic Party as a satanic cult

Actress Rose McGowan has slammed the Democratic Party as a deep cult that most members “really don’t know about.”

Appearing on Fox News Channel’s “Fox News Primetime,” the #MeToo activist said:

“Well, as some of you know and some you have don’t know if you have heard my name or read anything on me in the media, I grew up in a cult. It was a very famous cult called Children of God. It gave me a superpower. It gave me the ability to see the control and the propaganda machine especially in the U.S. for what it is and how it harms people.”

She continued, “How the left can harm people just as much as the right if they go very, very deep into it and ignore other aspect of kind of reality in a way. You are serving a master that may not be serving you. I say I come in peace. I’m not here to make people feel bad about their political choices. I am here to say that you might be in a cult, too, if you don’t know the signs. I do believe Democrats most especially are in a deep cult that they really don’t know about and aren’t really aware of.”

She added:

“I leave the Republicans alone more because I do respect people more that are like this is what we are. This is what we are about. This is what we are against. Whereas I find the Democrats are really pretty much almost against all the same things. They are against changing the world for the better and for keeping a system in place that is for so few people and benefits so few that they masquerade as the helpers — we would do this, the world would be perfect if only those Republicans would get out of the way. Well, OK, you have got control, so now what? What are you going to do to make the world better?”

“I am embracing in my life right now really just almost healing in a way, not just for me but for so many others. The MeToo media period, it was just a trigger for so many men and women alike, everybody, really. It was a painful period for many people as it was for me. My persecution and awakening from being a Democrat was so much what I do now. So much about realizing how hardcore of a cult it is. What it does to women and the people it says it is going to help? Then why haven’t they achieved anything?”



  1. Satan works through the Democrat party especially even though many Republicans owe him allegiance as well. Democrat policies are Satan’s policies. You can’t be a Democrat and a Christian. The 2 are mutually exclusive. You can’t serve 2 masters. She is exactly right and I don’t think she even knows the depths of Satanic depravity the Democrats engage in. These are truly sick, evil people. Start treating people who support Democrats like the trash they are. Shame them. Cut them out of your life.

  2. Cause theyre liars, murderers thieves drug traffickers arms dealers money launderers, pedophiles,and human traffickers And they do it all acting like philanthropists helping others .

  3. I think she might not be aware that the Church of Satan ,and Temple OF SET are legal churches They arent cults They’re legal churches thanks to the moral authority for rule of law from the Pipes permitting them to be .Abd the legislators if Calufornia and the entire membership of the UN that made freedom of religion a global right very shortly after the Church of Satan was made legal All of them are involved as accessories facilitators enablers All of them Tens of thousands of them who have power today and tens of thousands more since the 30 april 19966 when the Church of Satan was made legal publicly Rhe witches Sabbath preceding may day ,the say when evil is free to roam the earth .Old school religion .All over europe for centuries .I dont think she realizes the reality

    • And she DOESNT understand that by being lawful and unchallenged by any authority they all authorities since that date have been compliant. Are accessories. And the law is clear ,nothing fictitious can be a legal entity .Every Jydge every member of the Supreme court every lawyer severs authority in the justice department or any legal functionary all know only real entities can be legal and ic that entity is described as a real living being such as Satan then by their reckoning he is real ,he lives and he is legally allowed to be Head of his Church .They ALL accept that and comply. By rule of law .

      • I dont think she is alone .In fact I believe that apart from satanists very very few people really understand what it all means .Almost no other people at all .Nothing is what it seems

        • Ask yourself which ” well respected members of your community “which civic leaders ,which church heroes ,which Goody two shoes brigade of nosy parker’s gossips and virgin Scary puritan sisterhood have raised any objection .Ask yourself.

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