Russian Embassy: Seth Rich Was WikiLeaks’ Source

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The Russian Embassy in London claims Seth Rich was "WikiLeaks' informer" and criticized mainstream media for spreading baseless conspiracy theories about "Russian hackers".

The Russian Embassy in London claims Seth Rich was “WikiLeaks’ informer” and criticized mainstream media for being too busy spreading baseless conspiracy theories about “Russian hackers” to report on the case.

The Russian embassy tweet comes after Fox News earlier this week heavily promoted a breaking story about the politically motivated murder of Seth Rich. There is mounting evidence linking the assassins to the DNC.

The Fox News story on the case cited a federal source who said the FBI had conducted a forensic analysis of Rich’s computer and discovered contact with WikiLeaks including the transfer of DNC emails later published by the whistleblowing organization.

Fox News was attacked by the rest of the US mainstream media, however, Fox is steadfastly refusing to retract its story. Prime time host Sean Hannity also dedicated much of the week promoting the news.

A new “Rich family spokesman”, Brad Bauman (who, it was exposed, works for the DNC in crisis management) went into panic mode and began accusing murder investigators of being sociopaths.

Anyone who continues to push this fake news story after it was so thoroughly debunked is proving to the world they have a transparent political agenda or are a sociopath,” he told CNN.

Kim Dot Com also joined the growing chorus demanding justice for Seth Rich, coming forward on Friday with claims he has evidence that Seth Rich was WikiLeaks’ informant.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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  1. Why would the pedophiles of Washington DC want to talk about someone that the Washington DC crime cabal murdered?

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